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for now, everything will have to be a little different at the hotels. We have taken great pleasure in designing it in a way so that you can enjoy your visit as usual. Keep your eyes open and stay alert - everything will be SUPER! The following hygiene measures and changes at the hotels will be implemented:

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Boogie-woogie, bright colours, indoor jungle, reggae music, fruity drinks and enough space to let you forget all others - welcome to the Superbude Paradise in Hamburg Altona.

The Superbude Paradise is our feel-well oasis located in the middle of Hamburg, with a touch of warm tropical South Sea feeling. We are open for visitors and locals to experience our inner-city paradise which is only a few minutes' walk away from the colourful and romantic Ottesen.

Our 128 rooms come in three different sizes. Everyone can relax here! Rocking your flip-flops for breakfast, or you just like sipping your Piña colada on the rooftop, before picking up a little family  present from our in-house second-hand shop? Treat yourself and whenever you need us, we are here!

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Our rooms

Those who like it cosy will feel happy with our smaller room categories available. Those who like to dance barefoot to good music in their rooms, we recommend securing one of our larger rooms. Cozy sitting areas, indoor plants and mini-bar everything you need for a boogie-boogie vibe to float throughout the day at ease.

The central train station Altona and the beautiful neighbourhood of Ottesen is only 10 min away from the Superbude. Alternatively, you can also get there by bus which will depart only 2 min away from the hotel. Small boutique shops line up with iconic pubs, family-friendly cafés and fancy shops. In addition, the Elbe beach is only within a few min walking distance. Just like the rest of the city, you are well-connected from here. Whether by public transport, by bike or by foot - that's up to you!

At the Superbude Altona we think in colourful designs and offer a fully equipped conference rooms for your creative and productive meetings. If you are looking for an inspiring event location, definitely take a look. Maybe we'll get to know each other soon …

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Our rooms



On June 15, 2021 we opened our doors and now it's only missing, so come around! At Superbude Altona you can look forward to a colorful mix of paradise flair, vintage style and sustainable ideas. With our long stay & shared living concept inside Superbude Paradise, there is a lot of life in the neighbouring building, and we have a creative community by our side from the start. Do you want to move in with us too? Whether for short or long, get in touch!


The colourful designed double rooms are available in three different categories -  M, L und XL.

Some of these rooms have a balcony, others come without. All rooms are equipped with a super comfortable bed, a walk-in bathroom with a separate toilet and everything that goes with it (daily soap, velvety towels, fluffy bed linen). Some have an indoor jungle, others a chill-area, and  others have the best indie magazines instead of a TV.  We have the perfect room ready for everyone.

We also take special care of small groups and  families travelling. We offer a four-bed solution and our Band Suite which can be customized and shared based on individual needs.


The hotel is less than 10 minutes from Altona train station. With the bus you will arrive directly from the train to the hotel in just a few stops. Even car holders have a great advantage. We offer parking lots  in front of the door and the highway A7 is close by.

From the Superbude you can get easily to Ottesen, a very beautiful part of the city, as well as on the Elbe river. Move as you like choosing either e-scooters, rental bikes or public transport to explore the city.


What does an overnight stay in the hotel cost?

An overnight stay in the double room starts at €60. The prices vary depending on the booking period, rate type and day of the week - as with all hotels! One thing is for sure, the best prices are always available directly from us on our website!

Do you have meeting rooms?

Yes, we have two conference rooms, some really cool ones! If you are looking for a suitable and relaxed event location, then get in touch!

Where is the Superbude Altona located?

The hotel in Altona is located at Paul-Dessau-Straße 2, right next to the site of the old gas works. The proximity to the Altona long-distance train station, as well as the good connection to the local transport network, ensure that you can fly out quickly in all directions.

From the Altona train station to the main train station, for example, it is 12 minutes, to the Landungbrücken 10. We have bicycles and scooters available for hire - nothing stands in the way of the City Tour, no matter which way!

Hotel with breakfast?

Of course! From 7 a.m. to 12 noon there is a healthy, seasonal, and sustainable buffet served. Here, attention is paid to regional dishes, little or no packaging waste is produced, and we buy organic products. We also make most of our dips ourselves with seasonal ingredients and of course we have food options for vegetarians and vegans available. If you have a special request, just contact the reception, we will do our best!

Is the Superbude a hotel or a hostel?

We don't want to commit ourselves completely, because we believe that the two together make the best mix! We combine the comfort of a hotel with the vibe of a hostel and then add the feeling of being at home. Spend time together and meet cool people in our public areas, at our cool events and then enjoy the peace and comfort in your own room - plus the self-service concept based on trust. Welcome to the Superbude Paradise!



You won't miss anything in your room - because we don't cut corners when it comes to comfort. Even if we come across as relaxed and laid-back, we know what we're doing, and we do everything as we would like it to be. All our rooms are fitted with good lighting, super comfortable beds, a spacious, walk-in bathroom, velvety soft towels and everything else you need to experience an unforgettable time!


Whether having breakfast together at the community table, a delicious drink with a sundowner on the roof terrace, or a concert in our kitchen club or the lobby - we rely on people coming together because that enriches us. Everyone, whether crew or guest, should feel comfortable. We are an open home, for locals and for travellers.


It starts with our principle of trust and runs like a red thread through the Superbuden concept. Help yourself to our refrigerators, decide spontaneously whether you want to have breakfast, pay for your drinks at the end of the evening or when you check out - whichever suits you best. We want you to feel like you are visiting an old buddy or your best friend!


For the real paradise feeling we have created a playlist with all the tunes you will need for your perfect paradise-dance-move. 


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St. Georg

Spaldingstraße 152, 20097 Hamburg
Anfahrt und Parken

St. Pauli

Juliusstr. 1-7, 22769 Hamburg
Anfahrt und Parken


Paul-Dessau-Straße 2, 22761 Hamburg
Anfahrt und Parken
  • 1) Reeperbahn
  • 2) Landungsbrücken
  • 3) DOM
  • 4) Elbphilharmonie
  • 5) Speicherstadt
  • 6) Elbstrand
  • 7) Ottenser Hauptstraße

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