Where is Hamburg´s Speicherstadt?

Inbetween the old town, Hafencity and the harbor one finds our lovely Speicherstadt. Underground line 3 will take you there in no time and is, in any case, the coolest lane you can take. You get a nice overview of the city because the underground is going overground for most of the time.

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Starting at Superbude St. Georg or Superbude St. Pauli, the U3 is easily accessible and therefore, Speicherstadt isn´t far. The third Superbude in Altona is just a few minutes walk from the train station "Bahrenfeld", so you can also jump out at the Landungsbrücken within 10 minutes from here. Besides taking the underground you could also rent a bike or longboard at Superbude and ride tot he place. Starting at Superbude St. Georg you will drive past the Deichtorhallen, a cultural hotspot as well as the Oberhafen. If you stay at Superbude St. Pauli the way will take you past our beloved Millerntor and you get a good view of the harbor. Thus, staying at a hotel not directly within the Speicherstadt will give you the opportunity to explore the neighborhood on the way.

Even though the hotels are not located in one oft he storehouses, they are filled with just as much charm and character. Offering two-to six-bedrooms, Superbude is suitable for couples, groups, families or anyone who wants to sleep super.

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What´s happening at Speicherstadt?

Generally, it is best to simply get there and wander around. Speicherstadt is enough just by walking through and looking around. Nonetheless, the Miniaturwunderland, Boilermanbar, and cafés, as well as restaurants, are to be found here.

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At the Markthalle (market hall) a little foodcourt invites you to stop for a snack. Some coffee roasters open their doors for tours at Speicherstadt.

The harbor is in walking distance and so are the Hafencity and the Elbbhilhamonie. If you prefer to explore the waterways by boat, the tours start at the harbor bridges.

What will you do? Find out and stay with us, we are getting excited!

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Hamburg Altona

Superbude Paradise is within walking distance of the romantic Ottensen district. If you want to really unwind, this is the place to be! Paradise flair and boogie vibes included!

Hamburg St. Georg

The colorful St. Georg bribes with its supercentral location and easy access to every city hotspot. It is the perfect gateway for those of you who enjoy exploring the city center and all its facets.

Hamburg St. Pauli

The notorious St. Pauli is the perfect location for music, art and bar scenes in Hamburg. The city never sleeps unless you have a room at Superbude. Explore the magic vibes!


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