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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna

Artist in Residence „Imaginary Patterns“ - Anne und Ruli

In our Artist in Residence program, a wide variety of artists move into our studio over a period of several weeks. Here, they have time and space to let themselves be kissed by the muse called Prater, to spin new ideas and to realize projects. We don't specify which disciplines the artists bring with them - we're up for any discipline, from music to literature to painting: no limits should be set to the imagination, it should be broken - various times!

Today Anne and Ruli present their stay from 01.07.2021 to 08.08.2021 in more detail!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Wien Prater Atelier 12


This mural is based on a political and social struggle and also serves as a memory of the history of Perspektivstraße, the location of Superbude. Ten years ago Perspektivstraße was Vienna’s red light district, but with the construction of the economic university among other things the sex workers were forced to move to districts further outside the center and therefore sell their services for dumping prices. Sometimes life can be like a spiral and it can get difficult to fight for your rights, especially when these external forces are the result of systemic exploitation. This is what our mural tries to represent, also using parts of roller coaster tracks to show the physical closeness to the Viennese amusement park, „Prater“. But there is also hope: the red umbrellas are the symbols of the sex worker movement that fights for decriminalization, destigmatization and labour rights for sex workers because decriminalization saves lifes.

This mural was created by Claudio Berdun and Anne Schinko. You can find more of our work on instagram @ruli_1984 and @anneschinko.

Superbude Hotelhostelhome Artist In Residence Ulianne2

We loved our stay at Superbude and are very grateful to have been part of the Artist in Residence Program. From the beginning on we were welcomed with the warmest energy of the Superbude Team and felt at home immediately. We really like the idea of making space for different fields of art and seeing the hotel as never finished but always open for new inputs and perspectives. Our work at the mural was also a lot of fun for us and we are happy that we could incorporate a part of the local history and try out new techniques such as the fluorescent colors.

In Ruli’s case it was a great way to get to know Vienna, the perfect location right next to the island of the danube which is a cool place to have a swim in summer and also not far away from the city center. On top of that we could use the bikes of Superbude which made exploring the city even more fun. In my case it was also really cool to reconnect to the city, trying out a lot of new different things and getting to know Vienna from another point of view. Another special was the great view from the Atelier our beautiful apartment, probably the best view we have ever had in the city, directly to the Vienna Prater.

Superbude Hotelhostelhome Artist In Residence Ulianne

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