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The story of Superbude



It's hard to believe that there was once a world without the Superbude. Read this article to find out how the wild idea of a hotel that is more home than just accommodation became reality.

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Superbude St. Georg has been around for almost exactly 15 years; in February 2012, Superbude St. Pauli followed and then in the summer of 2021, Altona was added to the list in Hamburg. Also this summer, Superbude went beyond Hamburg's borders for the first time, opening Superbude in Vienna at the Prater. So far, it's been an eventful few years, with Superbude going through a few metamorphoses and becoming more colorful and grown up. Over the years, we've added regular events, a myriad of stories and a whole bunch of filled guest books. We've hosted travelers with fascinating stories, had the privilege of playing the location for James Bay's first concert in Germany, participated in a rally all the way to the North Cape, celebrated big street parties, established our own artist-in-residence program, and gained many loyal regulars. In the meantime, the Superbude has become the favorite living room outside of one's own four walls for many guests as well as for people from Hamburg and Vienna.

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But how did it all start with Superbude?
It already started with the foundation stone: when Kai Hollmann, managing director of Fortune Hotels, was thinking up a new hotel concept, he met Jörn at the reception of the 25hours Number One Hotel in Bahrenfeld, who had already advertised himself meaningfully with a described, rising helium balloon. Jörn had already gained hostel experience while traveling and, through his family, the hotel business was in his blood anyway. Kai trusted in this experience as well as in Jörn's energy and inventiveness and handed over the planning and management of Superbude St. Georg to the receptionist. Together, they brought the interior design firm DREIMETA on board, which realized the idea of a creative hotel shared apartment with DIY upcycling elements. The idea was to bridge the gap between a hotel and a hostel - because Jörn originally had a hostel with blanket vending machines in mind, while Kai didn't want any beds without bedding and also didn't want any multi-bed rooms.

So Superbude St. Georg opened on April 18, 2008, run by a team of Jörn and 7 friends. The concept quickly became a success: three years in a row, the mother o Superbude won awards for the best interior in lobby and lounge and quickly became popular with backpackers, individual travelers, families, business travelers in search of individuality as well as bands and artists due to its coziness and one- to six-bed rooms. The network also expanded quickly due to the guests and led to versatile contacts and cooperations.

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The world needs more hotels like Superbude!

The search for a second location soon began. They found what they were looking for in the middle of St. Pauli: the former telecommunications office was partially sold by Telekom. This enabled Superbude St. Pauli to move in and open in 2012. The yellow wooden walls here are meant to recall the post office color, and on the lobby floor, the divisions of the office compartments can still be seen.
Almost a decade later, in June 2021, Superbude ventured out of its safe haven into the big wide world: Austria. In Vienna, right next to the Prater, it found a new home thanks to Christian Lainer, Florian Kollenz and Michael Todt, and together with the creative force of Gerd Zehetner (archiguards) and Laura Karasinski (Atelier Karasinski), translated the Superbude feeling into Viennese.
When 25hours Hotel Number One moved out of its location at Otto von Bahrenpark in Altona in 2020, they thought it would be a perfect location for another Superbude and converted it in no time into a small oasis with a paradisiacal flair in the urban jungle. The Altona Paradise Superbude also opened in the summer of 2021, and with this doubling of Superbude in just one year came even more changes.

A restaurant, Bamboole, was created in Altona, with a changing lunch menu and an evening menu full of dishes that takes you through the world's street food cuisine. With the adjoining living room, there is now even more space for events such as concerts, table tennis tournaments and readings. The focus of all events is always on adding value for the neighborhood and supporting the local cultural landscape.
In Vienna, Superbude has also broken new ground and entered into an intimate cooperation with the Levantine restaurant concept NENI. Since then, NENI am Prater has lived on the roof of Superbude and has quickly become a favorite spot for locals and guests alike due to its fabulous food and unspeakably fantastic views of the Prater and Vienna. On the ground floor of Superbude Vienna a small cozy café has settled in, the Café BRENNER, which offers delicious breakfast all day long. Furthermore, a large event space, the Transponder, was added, which, in addition to conference space, also takes on the characteristics of a club. With colorful events, from concerts with FM4 to cozy flea markets, no week goes by without an event at Superbude.

Superbude has broken new ground in the last few years, now runs its own restaurants, manages cafés and is a great playground for event concepts and the cultural scene, which is why it can no longer really be called a hotel or hostel. Superbude is much more than that, it's simply a super place that can't be pigeonholed into any one category, but does what it wants, tries out new concepts, and is constantly evolving. It was also filled with life by you, by your experiences and stories. Some things have changed over time, but what will always remain is the feeling that you've just stumbled into your best friend's place.

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