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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna

Artist in Residence „Imaginary Patterns“ - Inga Lankenau

In our Artist in Residence program, a wide variety of artists move into our studio over a period of several weeks. Here, they have time and space to let themselves be kissed by the muse called Prater, to spin new ideas and to realize projects. We don't specify which disciplines the artists bring with them - we're up for any discipline, from music to literature to painting: no limits should be set to the imagination, it should be broken - various times!

Today Inga Lankenau presents you her stay from 07.10.2021 to 17.10.2021 in detail!

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Impressions mingle in a new place to form a unique bundle of feelings. Some is familiar - the smell of coffee, shoes, the sound of cars on rain-soaked streets. Others are new - Israeli breakfast far above the roller coaster screech, "time to say goodbye" as you fall asleep, crows, Hundertwasser. In addition to the strange and the familiar, my time in Vienna was strongly marked by contrasting digital and analog worlds. The Forward Festival with its promising glittering CGI world, then the gardens at Schönbrunn Palace: rosemary in bloom, chestnuts caressing hands, the sound of swirling leaves on asphalt. In order to combine the familiar and the foreign, the natural and the artificial, and at best bring them into harmony, I strolled through the deserted Prater every morning, documenting the place from the perspective of the aforementioned contrasts. The images I created there and in the studio were made with digital and analog techniques.

Large pictures: 200 €

Small pictures: 80€

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