WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

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WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*, we are back and can´t wait to see you all again!

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Love, *SB

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When Superbude puts on a new dress, when the ASTRA Rockstarsuite stage is burning, when the super-crew is enjoying a Fischbrötchen at the Elbe, then our super photographers join us and take all these wonderful pictures which you see here and there. Thanks to Christian Perl und Eva Giolbas for always making us look so good!

FKP Scorpio
FKP Scorpio is one of the largest music production companies in Germany. Concerts, festivals and show productions among others the Elb Jazz or the Hurricane are part of the program.

Uebel & Gefährlich
The “Uebel und Gefährlich” is located close by the Superbude St. Pauli. For good concerts and hip parties, this address must be kept in the back of the head.

OHA! Music
Together with the guys and girls of OHA! Music, we organize regular events at Superbude. Whether a quiz night or check-in beats, this friendship is really fun.

Intro / Reeperbahn-Festival
Every year, the Reeperbahnfestival comes to Hamburg and the Intro magazine to Superbude St. Pauli. The lucky winners of the private concert tickets are part of the Intro Super Intim in the ASTRA Rockstarsuite, in which selected artists from the RBF play.

Friends with benefits – or something like that…
Our partners and friends from Levi's® did not only invent the blue jeans in 1873 but also put a blue touch onto some of our couches around Superbude. The Kitchenclub in St. Pauli, the ASTRA Rockstarsuite and our private cinema were lucky and received an old pair of jeans – why we feel lucky about old jeans? Because upcycling is what we like! Thanks Levi.

Levi´s® 247 app
Check out the Levi's® 247 app. The app provides access to the hottest and new stuff, early bird sale, birthday surprises and exclusive advantages. Start collecting coins for the best discounts. One thing is for sure, in Levi's® you will look super! Download here: Google Play | AppStore

Clubkinder / RockCIty
Clubkinder and RockCity are our worthwhile support for e.g. the concert series HHört HHört, which brings young, (Hamburg based) artists to the Superbude St. Pauli.

"Die Klangkojoten” are a young Berlin based start-up. They offer artists, who are not yet under contract, the opportunity to get their music to the man - or better - in the ear. Great stuff, really fun! You can listen to the music, sorted by different genres, with a radio app.

The Molotow - cult, music, nightlife. A must during your visit to Hamburg and we are grateful for the friendship. Sometimes we also have tickets or guest list spots for the cool events, just ask us about it!

Viva con Agua
Viva con Agua supports social projects worldwide on the revenues of super water. You get in our self-service refrigerators and support the good purpose at the same time.

Not only does the world need water, but sanitation is also urgently needed in many parts of the world. In addition to water, Viva con Aqua now also has the Goldeimer toilet paper, which supports such projects. Yes, it's the funny printed paper that you find at Superbude!

Three friends from Hamburg have thought of hygiene, and how to produce it differently! Now they produce toothbrushes, soap, cotton swabs and much more - sustainable and fair. If someone has forgotten the toothbrush or paste - no problem! You can get the Hydrophil toothbrush, paste or travel envelope at Superbude.

Paloma Lemonade
Paloma ohé! Yummy grapefruit lemonade. Best served cold at Superbude to enjoy this Mexican flavor explosion. All in pink and yellow is also our Palomabude studio. At Superbude St. Georg we are lucky to have this super colorful room!

fritz kola
A somewhat hard decision to choose one of the many fritz kola lemonades! From kola to grape, the Hamburg based drink heroes have the right option for every taste. Thank you for your support, the delicious drinks and a great friendship. The fritz-bude studio at Superbude St. Georg visualizes this relationship in a tasteful way.

Germans love beer and we love ASTRA! This beer from Hamburg is super cool and being produced only two blocks away. At Superbude St. Pauli we are lucky to have the ASTRA Rockstarsuite with many heart details…wonder where they come from?

Fortune Hotels
Superbude belongs to a hotel group named the fortune hotels. Aside of the two Superbude branches, the group serves a variety of segments with ist portfolio. The The George in the city center, a four star plus house, the beautiful Gastwerk hotel and the 25 hours No. One are partners and friends of ours.
In addition, the PIERDREI will open ist doors soon in the cool Hafencity district.

Chocolate makes you happy and there is a lot at the Chocoversum ...! With a discount card (from the reception), you can discover the chocolate paradise of our friends & certainly also try a bit ...

Miniatur Wunderland
Hamburg, the gateway to the world - Hamburg, the world in minimini small. There is so much to discover at Miniatur Wunderland. Whether with children or without, it is worth to look at the small big model world. With the MiWuLa package, you book the cards immediately and save yourself the queue.

Thalia Theater
The program of the Thalia Theater is superclass for both the cultural and those who want to be.

Schmidt´s Tivoli
Best entertainment on the Reeperbahn Since 1988 the best entertainment on Germany's most famous mile, the Hamburg Reeperbahn: with about 400,000 visitors a year, the Schmidt - consisting of Schmidt Theater, Schmidt's Tivoli and Schmidtchen - is Germany's most successful private theater.

Mehr! Theater
The Mehr! Theater am Hamburger Großmarkt features concerts, musicals and other events. The location is medium size and the program ist enjoyable.

Millertor Gallery
The Millerntor Gallery opens the doors not only to the St. Pauli stadium, but also to artistic projects and works. The international art, music and culture festival takes place once a year, organized and initiated by Viva con Agua de Santa Pauli and the FC ST. Pauli.

Die Brüder / Indicon
The first English Indiemac (indie magazine) from Hamburg initiated by "Die Brueder" captures interesting Hamburg themes and presents them. The magazine surely can be found at Superbude - have a look!

Kampf der Künste
Kampf der Künste [Battle of the Arts] hosts many great events from Poetry Slams to "Slam Village", a whole slam festival. HAM & SLAM takes place at Superbude St. Pauli, check it out.

Waterkant Touren
Areyou looking for a somewhat different city tour? Exceptional and above all totally cool tours offer Waterkant. With a bully through Hamburg, that sounds great!

Skate, Surf and Streetwear is the specialty of our friends from WeAre. The legendary stock sale takes place twice a year in our neighborhood, where sneaker hearts beat higher!

"Stop men from dying to young" is the slogan of the Movember foundation. Thanks to a long friendship with the representative in Germany, we do not only take part in the MOvember action every year, but also celebrate the most beautiful Mo-Bro at a party. That is, by the way, the reason why there are so many pretty beards in November –discussions help to enlighten the awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

The interior designers DREIMETA from Augsburg have not only built our mega cool Superkiste by DREIMETA, but also designed and decorated the Superbude from entrance to bathroom.

MitVergnügen Hamburg
MitVergnügen Hamburg” is an online city magazine. Tips and tricks where you can do cool stuff. For example, the 11 best cafes, the 11 best bathing spots and so on – they always come up with new articles.

AskHelmut provides us with the best events in the city. From concerts, parties, or other events – there will be something for everyone -thank you for so much fun! An overview of our events can be found here.

Madrid Skateboards
At Superbude St. Georg we have over 200 longboards. You can borrow a few of them and explore the city on wheels; the others are hanging as shelves on the walls in the stalls. What a great idea and then also in such a mega design – thanks Madrid Skateboards!!

xport is the advertising agency of our trust is not located in Hamburg but has been accompanying us for quite some time. Thank you for bringing all our mischief, our ideas and your skills so fabulously together.

Gute Leute Magazine
International Hamburg tips as we strive to provide our international guests with tricks and information about Hamburg and the Gute Leute Magazine supports us.

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