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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna

Artist in Residence "Imaginary Patterns" - Tec Fase

Tec Fase as Artist in Residence at Superbude Vienna Prater

Superbude Hotel Wien Prater Lifestyle Artists In Residence Tec Fase Treppenhaus
Tec Fase

I am pleased to express my gratitude for the invitation to intervene on the stairs of Superbude Vienna. It was a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I have been working on asphalt and different types of floors for years, I was faced with a three-dimensionality enhanced by different viewing angles. As a result, everything multiplied infinitely, generating new figures depending on the height from which it was observed.

The innovative concept of the Superbude project called for something beyond the imaginable, and the multiplication of figures brought us closer to this end. I chose concepts that are common between my work and Superbude, such as adventure, community, creativity, nostalgia, travel, and music. These concepts are present in the different symbols distributed in the staircase, and there is a bit of vintage to complete the synergy.

Perspective played an important role in this project, as it had to work from various points of view while encouraging the use of the stairs. Our aim was to invite the public to tour the artwork as it moved between the floors of the building.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting project.

Superbude Hotel Wien Prater Artists In Residence Program Tec Fase Treppenhaus
Superbude Artist In Residence Program Tec Fase 4

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