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One Tree Planted

Since January 2020 we are part of the "One Tree Planted" community and our guests can add trees to their inqiry. The Superbude St. Georg supports the reforestation of the Amazon in Peru and the Superbude St. Pauli supports a project in Rwanda, which is also about supporting farmers from rural areas.

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Allergen reduction

We achieve an effective allergen reduction by cleaning our mattresses with a TÜV-approved and certified procedure.

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Lighting concept

A lighting concept created by the team already controls the use of the lighting in the houses so that everything looks beautiful, but it is only switched on whenever it is needed. This also saves.

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The main switch in our branches shifts the Energy completely off or on. Consume only what is needed!
In the Superbude St. Pauli there are motion detectors on each floor in the hallways. Thus, electricity is only consumed when it is needed.

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Water consumption

All our water dispensing stations, from the faucet to the dishwasher, to the shower head are provided with water-saving elements (e.g., perlators). Thus, for example, we reduce the water flow during showering from 10 liters to 6 liters per minute.


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Update: April 2017
Since April 2017 we are listed with both houses at refill-Hamburg. In both hotels you can now get free water. Look here.

Update: April 2018
The analysis of our drinking water by “Labor Lademannbogen / Wasseranalytic" was undertaken at Superbude St. Georg and everything is super! Thus, we continue to be an official water station and say: water for everyone!

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Heating system

In March / April 2011, we modernized the complete heating system of the Superbude in Hamburg St. Georg, in order to use the supplied district heating more efficiently and to minimize the loss of the throughput. As a result, we already have 30% less loss.

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Our breakfast buffet comes completely without small packaging. So, no small parcels or additional waste with butter, jam etc. is produced. Still yummie!

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Besides, our little bags for your sweets are completely biodegradable.

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Every year, we support the "publishing group Kim" with an amount of 270.00 € so that about 30 children can participate in the junior training program for the fire brigade of Hamburg.

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Update: October 2015
In 2015 we supported the Hamburg based company "more than shelters" with the project "Domo-Hotel". With your help we could donate 2000 €! Many Thanks!
Superbude participates yearly in a program that saves up tips from one day and donates it to "MenscHHamburg e.V.".

Update: May 2018
Donation for the project “Laut gegen Nazis” (Against Nazis) 100€ - we say NO to racism and hate. Everyone is welcome <3

Update: June 2018
Donation for Viva Con Agua – the sum from the donation box is 206,95€ - yeah!

Update: June 2018
bedforgood charity project with Alexander Creuzburg (xport) – donated amount: 200€

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Paper consumption

Germans consume 20 million tons of paper each year.This is as much as Africa and South America together. Or a pile of stacked A4 sheets of 16,000 km height (the international space station ISS circulates at an altitude of 400 km).


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Printing & copying paper
We really only print what is needed and if we do, we do it on recycled paper, which has been produced from old maps. The supplier designates his goods with the environmental label Blue Angel!
Our reception team mainly sends invoices via e-mail to our guests so we can avoid unnecessary paper consumption.

Update: June 2017
The most convenient roll can be found in both hotels, Goldeimer toilet paper. It might be a little more costly however, the paper is recycled, the packaging is being recycled and made into bags for toiletry and it’s a charity project – thumbs up!

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We obtain electric energy in both branches which is 100% generated by the renewable energy sources of water, wind and sun and mainly in Scandinavian hydroelectric power stations.

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Update: March 2017
Since March 2017, we have new power-saving LED TVs in both houses. In contrast to our old TVs (74Watt) these consume only 36Watt in switched-on mode. We also equipped both branches with LED-lights in all areas.

Update: July 2017
At least 33% of these regenerative energies are generated in new plants, not older than 6 years.
We remain true to our conscience and extend our green electricity contracts in both houses until 2019 and 2020 respectively! GREEN POWER! Yeah!

Update January 2021

We have signed with Hamburg Energy and are still happy to have 100% green electricity.

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Disposable dishes

A while ago we decided to renounce plastic and to-go cups, straws and plastic bags in order to prevent needless environmental pollution.

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We have created a super to-go cup, which is bio degradable for guests who want to enjoy a coffee or a tea at Superbude but do not have the time to stay and relax.

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Regional food

A portion of the food for the breakfast buffet, e.g. eggs and vegetables is obtained from regional and local, controlled farms and mostly run as family businesses. You can tell & taste!

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Don´t throw it away!
We don’t throw away the food that we can not finish or do not need anymore. Instead of the bin, the food gets a second chance and we give it to small organizations which support people in need.

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Fair Trade

Our coffee is roasted in Hamburg and the tea has been cultivated in an organic process and has been fairly imported. We also support Viva Con Agua.

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Due to our water station at Superbude St. Pauli we collected already donations in the amount of 200 € for Viva con Agua in 2017. With the Hamburg coffee supplier J.J. Darboven, we have found a partner who not only produces delicious coffee, but a company that is also socially engaged. For example, the company supports the "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe". In addition, Darboven constantly optimizes its processes, such as: minimizing waste, using energy as efficiently as possible, and optimizing the use of all raw materials. Darboven even has its own fountain, which provides environmentally friendly water circulation for cooling the grinders. The company, which is based on four generations, thinks ecologically and we like it. We have found a new SUPER Partner!

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For the future we aim to increase the number of local and regional suppliers to save long drive-on distances and therefore reduce fuel consumption.

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Wir bauen aktuell fleißig an unserer Superbude in Wien und achten auch hierbei stets auf Nachhaltigkeit.

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Internal measures from the team

In November 2018 we took part in a motivation workshop by Dr. Dieter Grossmann from “Ökopol” on environmental protection and sustainability.

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All employees will be sensitized to the issue of environmental protection and were asked to develop their own measures on sustainability and environmental protection. Furthermore we had a data protection at both Superbude hotels in January 2019. We set a high value about your privacy and therefore we train our staff continiousto work with your data in a safe way.

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Lets save the world together!

If there is a point of environmental protection that we have not yet considered send us a message with your suggestion on how we can do more for our environment.

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QUB Contact, complaints and training

Jörn Hoppe » Superbude » Juliusstraße 1–7, 22769 Hamburg
Dr. Dieter Grossmann » Oekopol» Nernstweg 32-34, 22765 Hamburg

Specialist for energy consulting

autark facility management GmbH, Otzbergring 91, 64846 Groß-Zimmern

Specialist for fire protection

Stefan Walloschek » QuaSi Consult GbR , Adolfshausen 1, 29646 Bispingen

Specialist for work safety

Stefan Walloschek » QuaSi Consult GbR , Adolfshausen 1, 29646 Bispingen

Company doctor

Dr.Sabine Machate » Greifenbachstraße 112, 22147 Hamburg

First aiders

All employees of the Superbude are trained once a year as first aiders.

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