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Check-In & Check-Out

We promise that your room is ready by 3 pm however, sometimes you get lucky and can move into your room beforehand. If not you are still lucky because, you are very welcome to store your luggage until your room is ready as well as after checking-out. By the way, you have until noon to leave your room.

If you just can´t get enough and want to stay until 10 pm in you room you can book a full day check-out upon availability. Get in touch +49(0)40807915820

Breakfast from 7 am until noon

For € 16 per person, you get a variety of juices, coffee and tea, a delicious buffet with muesli, fresh fruit and vegetables, rolls, waffles for self-baking and delicious bread. Eggs, different sorts of cheese and meat, sweets and our legendary and monthly changing dip. Vegans don´t worry, we kept you in mind - Yummy!

Lobby & Bar

Our fridges are open around the clock. Whenever you feel like a drink, go ahead and get what you want. If you fancy something fancy, check out the cocktails at the bar.
In our lobby there are games, an iMac Station, interesting magazines and books, a TV (or you check out the in-house cinema) so that nobody gets bored. You can get very comfortable here in case of Hamburger “schmuddel” weather.

Can I bring my dog?

Bring your friend along!

In your room
Please make sure your hairy friends are not lying on the beds. If you are staying with us for several days, please let our reception know if the dog remains in the room so that the housekeeping can be informed if necessary. Please let your dogs "communicate" in an appropriate volume.

In the public spaces
Your dear companions are, of course, always welcome in the Kitchenclub. Please make sure that they are kept on the leash.

At breakfast, please ask your table neighbours, if they agree with your "animal accompaniment".

If you walk around the house (outside), we would like to ask you to remedy all the remedies professionally.

Our staff is happy to recommend parks and spaces to go to with dogs.

Accommodation for dogs in the room costs €9 extra per night.

Can I book without a credit card?

Sure, if you register on our website you can make a guaranteed booking without a credit card. Additional goodies are also included when you register…

Or just call us: 0049 (0)40 80 79 15 82 0

How do I pay on the day of departure?

If you not have already paid you are free to choose to pay with credit or debit card or cash. Unfortunately we can not accept corn or goats as alternative payment - we are very SORRY about this inconvenience.
We like it a lot if you pay cash or with a debit card. Nevertheless, we also accept all other, above mentioned payment methods.

Can I store my luggage?

Yes, of course - at the reception.

Are there lockers?

Yes, we have lockers (for free). Just come by the reception with your luggage, and we are happy to help out.

I fell in love with you. What now?

If you fall in love with us we will blush… and then we will love you back and smile!

If you want to come visit frequently, contact Klaas [email protected] and he will make you an irresistible offer.

Self service based on trust - for real?

Sure, why not?! We think it is much more convenient and quicker for you to simply grab your drinks and snacks by yourself. If you want a cocktail or wine, the receptionists will help you out.

We have fridges and a snack box in the lobby. You can prepare your food in the Kitchenclub. Just let us know what you have and we will put in on your room!

If the staff at the reception is super busy you can also grab the ´shopping to your bude´paper and write down what you take and hand over the paper later.

Do other Superbude hotels exist in other cities?

Yes! Finally! We opened our first Superbude outside of Hamburg in the beautiful city of Vienna, directly at the Prater. Click here for more informations.

I am not 18 yet, can I still come visit Superbude?

Of course, you can. Just send us a signed consent form from your parents. Download the document here.

Do I need a hostel ID card?

No, we are not a hostel like that…

Do you have WiFi?

Word up! It is 4 free, fast and easy to log into.

  • find superspot
  • accept terms & conditions
  • have fun with 3072 kbit/s

How can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

If you want to reschedule or cancel your stay at Superbude you can do it with your personal login. There you have the option of editing or cancelling your reservation.
If you don't have an account here please give us a call at:

St. Georg: +49(0)403808780
St. Pauli: +49(0)40807915820

In case you have booked online via travel agencies such as you have to edit or cancel your booking at that certain platform.

Why do people sleep so great at Superbude?

Because we have incredibly great and comfortable Casper® mattresses. The Casper® mattress is made of 2 different layers of foam, which especially supports the spine extremely well during sleep. On top of that we pack our allergy-friendly bedding - well, good night!

Traveling by bike?

If you are traveling by bike you are welcome to park it in our shed in the yard. Simply ask at the reception and we will give you all the information along with the key. In case you are arriving with a larger group please let us know in advance, thank you! Please make sure that your bikes are insured by yourself (household contents insurance). The Superbude accepts no liability!

Kein Bett für Nazis?

Unsere Bude bleibt bunt! Dieses Statement beschreibt bei uns eine grundsätzliche Haltung, die wir auch noch mit „Kein Bett für Nazis“ erweitern, denn in unseren Buden ist kein Platz für Diskriminierung in jeglicher Hinsicht, was insbesondere Personen einschließt, die die Ansicht vertreten, Menschen mit unterschiedlicher Herkunft hätten in unserem Land nichts zu suchen. Nazis vertreten die nationalsozialistische Ideologie – diese lehnen wir komplett ab! Und gerade heutzutage finden wir es, auch als Unternehmen, wichtig sich klar zu positionieren. Und das tun wir! Zum Beispiel mit unseren Aufklebern: Kein Bett für Nazis!

Klar, können & wollen wir das beim Check-In nicht kontrollieren, aber die Botschaft sorgt ja hoffentlich schon dafür, dass die Menschen, die sich angesprochen fühlen oder sich damit eben nicht identifizieren können, im besten Fall gar nicht erst vorbeischauen.


How do I get there & where can I park?

Have a look here.

Booking conditions

Guarantee conditions:

Booking without credit card

Trust is a core element of Superbude. Therefore, login guests need no credit card for their booking. But please note to give us a call if your arrival is later than 6 pm. Otherwise, we reserve the right to resell the room.

Guaranteed booking

The credit card is just for guarantee. You can pay on site. Check-In is also possible after 6 pm.

Cancellation policy:


The room can be cancelled at no charge until noon one day prior to arrival. Afterwards we will charge 90% of the first night if we are not able to resell the room. In case of no show the claim of the following nights shall be waived.

Themed rooms

The room can be cancelled at no charge until noon seven days prior to arrival. Afterwards we will charge 90% of the first night if we are not able to resell the room. In case of no show the claim of the following nights shall be waived.

Is Superbude wheelchair accessible?

If you would like information on mobility in our homes, please call us.

We are happy to discuss your wishes and needs with you and try everything we can to ensure a great stay!

St. Pauli: +49(0)40 807915820

General information

  • For unloading your car you are welcome to park in the yard. Please just don't block the Telecom’s lots! Navigation address - Stresemannstraße 69
  • Due to the existing old building, the elevator is unfortunately only accessible if you overcome a 12 cm high curb! For these we have a mobile ramp, which we can put out when we are informed when this is needed!
  • The # 224 is a triple room with ample room for movement in the room & bathroom, for guests with wheelchairs. Please ask specifically if necessary!
  • The Superbude St. Pauli is equipped with an elevator! However, for safety reasons, the elevator only operates from the first floor (reception) to the fourth floor between 11pm and 6am. If you inform the front desk, they can take you to the ground floor with their key. This is always possible, as the reception is open 24/7!

What are the receptions hours?

We are always here for you. Our reception is open 24/7!

What is this tourism tax thing?

Since 1 January 2013 the culture and tourism tax has been invented in Hamburg. This is calculated per person. The donation per person is waived, upon submission of an employer confirmation or a cost takeover directly by the employer. You can find the official employer confirmation here.

Mandatory registration in Germany. Why?

In Germany there is a compulsory registration law. That is why we have to collect all your details when you check-in at Superbude.

Do I have to bring linen, a hairdryer and towels?

No, we have everything you need…!


Our Kitchenclub is located on the ground floor next to the lobby and serves as a breakfast room in the morning and as a lounge in the afternoon. You can prepare your own food and use our dishes and utensils. Therefor you can use our pizza oven, microwave and our kettle. We ask you to ensure that everything is left behind clean and to put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

How can I edit my user profile?

You want to edit your profile? No problem, we will do that for you! Email us to [email protected] and let us know what you want to change.

If you want to break up we will be sad and might ask for the reason(s). If we can not convince you to stay, we will also take over the task and delete your profile.

I still have questions - what now?

You can google a lot and see what happens… but we suggest you contact us! Either one of our staff or email us, give us a call – feel free!

Check out our tips regarding hotspots of the city here!

For personal tips just come downstairs – you are welcome!

Why do people sleep so great at Superbude?

Because we have incredibly great and comfortable Casper® mattresses. The Casper® mattress is made of 2 different layers of foam, which especially supports the spine extremely well during sleep. On top of that we pack our allergy-friendly bedding - well, good night!

Do you have bikes to rent?

Sure! For 12 € per day you can rent one from us. But you can not reserve it - first come, first serve!

Do you have baby beds?

For sure! We provide both baby beds and condoms free of charge . decide for yourself!

You can add baby beds for your little ones during the booking process.

Are you having a good time?

One can share their experiences in many ways…. Whether it's a photo, a very private travel journal or simply on the Internet for other folks. Describe how it was, let us know and vote for us – THANKS!


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