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Warm welcome to Bamboole, where we emphasize the harmony of pleasure and environmental consciousness, ensuring that each dish maintains a connection to our Earth.

Within our cozy and vibrant setting, you'll experience a crossover cuisine that transforms dishes from afar into regional, as well as bio-vegan and vegetarian delights. To achieve this, we maintain close communication with our suppliers to ensure our philosophy rests on short supply chains. Our goal is to utilize our products fully, challenging our culinary creativity daily. Most of our ingredients are sourced from regional outlets, including the picturesque Old Land, ensuring each meal is fresh and brimming with natural flavors. We consistently opt for organic and seasonal products, benefiting not only your palate but also our planet. This approach also offers the delightful benefit of discovering a completely new menu at regular intervals.

Whether it's crisply cooked meats, fresh vegetables, or our in-house drink creations, each product at Bamboole pays homage to the diversity of nature and culinary arts, which we consciously enjoy. Our talented kitchen and bar artists craft delectable dishes and beverages that not only satisfy your hunger but also inspire your senses. Immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment and authentic hospitality.

A large bowl of udon noodles with coriander spinach miso pesto, grilled tofu, marinated carrot and chili tapioca chips.
A generously topped bread roll with mozzarella, pickled fig, parsnip potato chips and rocket with a glass of wine in the cozy ambience of Bambooles.


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