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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna

Events in Vienna: welcome to Club Transponder



It was really only a matter of time before Superbude opened a club - and now it's here: the Transponder! This means even more space for culture, music and fun. All events that take place in the Superbude you can check out in the Culture Zone.

Clubcl 1
wilde Meute vor dem Club Transponder bei dem Konzert von Dote und Fiesta Forever



Vienna has a new event space and it's extra juicy! Superbude in Vienna has opened a new venue for events, the Transponder, which offers the right event for every taste in Vienna. Superbude is already known for its extraordinary events, such as the "Pratertöne" concert series. The concerts take place every first and third Thursday in the lobby and feature newcomers from Vienna. The events are always free and without pre-registration, so perfect for those who like to be spontaneous and wonder what's going on in Vienna today. If you don't like to go to concerts and prefer it soft on the ears, you should stop by the Superbude for the live podcast Kunst & Klischee (Art & Cliché), which always features exciting interviews with artists and cultural figures such as the band Cari Cari, who have already played concerts all over the world.

With the Transponder, Superbude has now opened a club for even more events and concerts in Vienna, where the boundaries between culture, music and party are blurred. The following events will take place there:




Being a host is something Superbude is known to do particularly well, and because hosting feels so great, the people at Superbude are passing it on without further ado. To be precise, to great musicians from Vienna, who invite friendly bands from another country and play a joint concert in Vienna. The band that travels to Vienna for the event will stay at Superbude for a few days and has planned a lot of other things besides the concerts, like interviews and live sessions. All this will be presented by our friends from FM4, who also have their own hotel room in Superbude and are known for organizing extraordinary concerts in Vienna and all over Austria. Which concert will take place next, you can find out in the Culture Zone of Superbude.



You are not only into concerts, but also into other events like bargain hunting with friends and family? Then off you go to the supermarket, the flea market in the transponder. Every last Sunday of the month you can get your hands on secondhand clothes and vintage treasures, and a DJ provides fine tunes for such a cozy flair that you want to spend the whole day here. Food and drinks are of course also sufficiently provided!



You want to party with the whole family? No problemo! Once a month, the Transponder hosts the Superbude's kids' disco, Boogie Club, which makes short and long legs fidget in equal measure. The music is played by real Viennese DJs and the party is mainly parents who haven't seen the inside of a club for a long time and think that club culture can be celebrated as a collective family experience. On a Sunday afternoon, you can dance together to club music and retreat to the cozy corner with lots of great toys.... There's also a snack bar here so you can recharge your energy reserves. Tickets can be found on Love your Artist



The Transponder can also be the event location for your next event! The Transponder is suitable for all kinds of events, such as meetings, exhibitions, penal talks and parties. The event location is super autonomous and has its own terrace, separate entrance, bar and toilets. Caterings can be organized by the Superbude together with NENI am Prater. The best way to get more information and offers is to write an email to [email protected].

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