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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna

Artist in Residence "Imaginary Patterns" - Kristina Kapeljuh

In our Artist in Residence program, a wide variety of artists move into our studio over a period of several weeks. Here, they have time and space to let themselves be kissed by the muse called Prater, to spin new ideas and to realize projects. We don't specify which disciplines the artists bring with them - we're up for any discipline, from music to literature to painting: no limits should be set to the imagination, it should be broken - various times!

Today Kristina Kapeljuh presents you her stay at Superbude.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Vienna Artists In Residence Kristina Kapeljuh 3

I came to Vienna with a vague idea for the mural that was useless. City, Superbude’s community, language, and the Danube have changed my perception completely. And I am very grateful that residency provided an opportunity to embody my artistic ideas. I had complete artistic freedom.

It is hard to shape in words the moment of accidental discovery - the mermaid among old silent passages on Vienna’s hidden streets with cinnamon light illuminating the fountain. At that moment, I knew that the drawing would be a pale shadow of experience if I tried to represent the mermaid figuratively. And her face (that I overdrew at least five times) became petals of subjectivity, beauty hidden in the eye of the beholder. Although Danube’s mermaid is the key to the mural, multiple elements affected the final work. Danube’s delta flora has transformed into an arch for the Atelier. Superbude’s constellation of never accomplished patterns has inspired the design choices of both murals. All holistic engagement with the city has contributed to the painting. I enjoyed talking to the hotels’ crew while discovering the language and absolutely beautiful coffee (honestly, it is a musttry at Superbude). I had the privilege to see vivid orange sunsets and sunrises from the Atelier. At Superbude, I felt in a warm community and comfortable as if at home. I fell in love immediately and very much hope to come to Superbude again!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Vienna Artists In Residence Kristina Kapeljuh 3

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