Dive into the creative heart of Superbude’s Artist in Residence Program “Imaginary Patterns”. Our largest suite offers a panoramic view of the Prater, inviting you to break artistic patterns and actively shape the ever-evolving atmosphere of Superbude.

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Superbude is a place of constant reinvention, where influences from around the world shape its identity, and creative endeavors never allow it to stand still. It is an invitation to be part of a collective feeling contributing to a space that is never complete.

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The Atelier

The Atelier, a fully equipped apartment with a separate bedroom and living area, provides everything you need for your artistic projects. With a spacious table at its center, a private kitchen, and a diverse selection of equipment, you will lack nothing
(well, except a couch – that's in the works!).

How about living in a hotel for an extended period, having the space and time to be kissed by the muse named Prater,
to spin new ideas and bring projects to life.

We welcome artists from all disciplines, from music and literature to painting. The boundaries of imagination should not be set but broken – repeatedly. The duration of the program is flexible, allowing you to spend up to 4 weeks with us.

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Write us at [email protected]
Keep in mind the following points: 


Briefly tell us who you are, where you currently live, and share your previous works with us.


Let us your preferible dates and how flexible you are with them. 


Let us know why you want to be part of Imaginary Patterns, your expectations, and what you hope to take home from this experience.


We hope your creativity becomes a part of Superbude and continues to thrive within it. Get involved! Whether through a workshop, mural, reading, concerts, or any other idea you might have. Briefly describe what you have in mind.


● Participation is free and the costs of the materials will be handled by the Superbude. Please understand that we can not pay for your travel costs.

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