Records, clothes, pictures, and a thousand other beautiful things – there is always something new to discover in our secondhand store! Here, you are sure to find a unique souvenir from your Hamburg trip. Our crew combs Hamburg’s flea markets and various stores with a lot of love and attention to always offer exceptional pieces to you in our store. But the inventory is not only organized by us, you can also clean out your apartment and bring things that you just can’t throw away, but no longer need, and sell them to us. We examine your treasures and then decide whether they fit our assortment – it should be secondhand! To make sure you don't haul it over for nothing, send us a photo in advance using the contact form below and tell us your asking price. We’ll get back to you with an offer.


Very oldschool and analog, our store is not online, but only on site in our Bude. So, you must come by to browse the whole variety of our selection. But that’s the most fun anyway. Whether we found the treasure, or a guest brought it from home – you never know.


If you want to sell something to us, you can tell us your price. We always try to negotiate a fair price and want all sides to be happy – you, the buyer, and us! Of course, it can happen that ideas are too far apart, and we end up with no deal. If you want to buy something in our store, the prices are fixed and not negotiable.


Even before you arrive, you can make us a proposal and present your product. Just click on the button below and fill in the empty fields of the contact form. Add a nice photo and we’ll contact you. If we agree, bring it to us! Of course, you can also contact us if you are not staying with us.

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