Clearance to land given - see you in Vienna.

Located at one of the the liveliest spots of Hamburg, Superbude has become a well-known place in the harbor city, not only for tourists but also for locals. Superbude is part of its neighbourhood and aims to get involved, create a cultural exchange and be a place to thrive and grow.

Now the journey begins: from the Elbe to the Danube, from the Kiez to a Grätzl, from Hamburg to Vienna.
Just over 10 years ago, Kai Hollmann had an idea and the first Superbude was built. Already existing in St. Georg and St. Pauli, the newest branch of this super portfolio will be based in the vibrant Stuwerviertel. Doors for 178 rooms („Buden“ as we like to call them“) will open in spring 2020 to the BRENNER breakfast-eatery and to a spectacular rooftop restaurant. Superbude Vienna is part of the larger project `Prater Glacis`, executed by IG Immobilien along the Perspektivstraße.

The mission of the mixed-concept of the hotel and hostel is locality: from the people for the people, together for the city – just like you already know it from Hamburg.
There will be themed rooms like an Astropo room, an aviary with a peephole overlooking the Prater, and a room in cooperation with SUPERSENSE. The team

from Atelier Karasinski and Archiguards is in charge of storytelling and design of Superbude Vienna Prater and shapes the hotel.
What you know from Hamburg as nautics will become aviation in Vienna. Referring to the history of the district and eponym Johann Georg Stuwer, Superbude will touch down right next to the Prater. Around 250 years ago, Johann Georg Stuwer arranged breath-taking pyrotechnic events with thousands of visitors. On July 6th 1784 Mr. Stuwer presented his self-developed hot-air balloon, the beginning of manned aviation.

Throughout the hotel, this theme will lead the interior design. Together with a good dose of upcycling and DIY ideas, Superbude operates as inspirational grounds for anyone who is looking for such an experience. Take home some inspiration, as we like to call it.
Superbude Vienna offers an Artists in Residence programme, supporting artists by offering a studio for a few weeks without cost.

Mindfulness, environmental consciousness & honest encounters: by those norms we strive to be a place for individuals and contributing to a community. Here is where stories begin, personalities grow, and people share – just like staying at a friend’s place!


Perspektivstraße in the district `Stuwerviertel`, first row next to the Prater
Directly on underground line 2, which takes you to the center in no time

• 178 rooms
• inspiration was taken from the libertine lifestyle of Johann Georg Stuwer
• DIY & upcycling designs
• lots of comfort around
• <<<superfast <<< W-Lan
• cosy sheets in rooms for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 or 6 friends
• themed rooms in cooperation with local artists


meeting & workrooms

24/7 reception & bar

The BRENNER restaurant where you can get breakfast all day long & much more

A rooftop restaurant overlooking the city

Public parking in the basement of the hotel

E-& normal bikes & longboards

Superbude Hotel Wien Skizze Rockstarsuite

Sometimes you gotta ask: WHEN?

A little time has to pass, friends. We are planning to open the doors in autumn 2020. Whoever wants to be in the loop for updates and news, sign up for our news-rocket and we’ll keep you updated. 

If you are looking for press releases, send an email to, she will put you on the sparkling list. 
Stay tuned. 

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Hamburg & Vienna
sisters in diversity!  

In our minds Hamburg & Vienna belong together like Hip & Hop, the open seas & shores and water & melon. The two metropolises have more in common than you might think. You know the Schanze district in Hamburg? Probably because you stayed with us at Superbude St. Pauli? Anyways, the Schanzen-district is comparable to the Stuwerviertel in Vienna. It is a place where stories are written on every corner and its notorious and wicked reputation and the colourfulness of the area are exciting features. 
As always, there is another side to the story. The bad reputation of these districts is enhanced by those who believe in the odds. Around St. Pauli and the Stuwerviertel, people believe in diversity and identity by striving to keep the multicultural vibes alive. We believe in such, and aim to become the centre for those folks who created this community and for those who want to experience this vibrant neighbourhood. 

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Opening its doors for the first time in spring 2020, Superbude Vienna desires to be: an open home, a concert location for rising bands, a host to inspiring readings, and simply sharing of Grandma´s cake buffet all around.

Located just next to the Prater, another similarity can be discovered. What Hamburgers know as Dom, the people in Vienna call Prater. Besides from the well-known Ferris wheel, the Prater offers a little train, which rides around Vienna´s largest parkway. A bit like Miniaturwunderland, just bigger and just in Vienna.
Outside the hotel, you can hop onto the underground line 2, which takes you to the city centre, to discover the rest of this beautiful city. Take a stroll around Leopoldstadt, with its numerous cafés and shops or discover the place to be after sunset, Flex.
There is much to tell; about the artist that built ukuleles, just a short walk away from the Superbude Vienna or about Johann Georg Stuwer, the free-minded man who brought craziness to the district 250 years ago.
Aren’t these enough reasons to come for a visit? We are beyond excited to meet you in 2020 when Superbude touches down in Vienna.

Superbude Hotel Wien Christian Lainer Prater


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