Classroom of ideas

The students of the Klasse für Ideen (“classroom of ideas”), headed up by the professors Matthias Spaetgens and Ingmar Thies, have created very special wallpapers for Superbude. A collection of our favourite designs can be admired in our various hotel rooms. Most likely, you won’t see the same wallpaper twice when staying with us.


The FALTER weekly paper was founded in 1977 by students and artists. Its ground-breaking stories and its renowned columnists have made the FALTER a print medium appreciated beyond the borders of Austria and one of the few quality media outlets in our country. It is an honour for us to have our very own FALTER room, a place where you can explore the exciting world of this Viennese institution. Numerous archive editions, books and magazines from the FALTER publishing house will be available, so your stay in Vienna can turn into a reading weekend. Through our friends from FALTER you will always have information on the best events of our city.


FM4 Radio

FM4 stands out in the crowd of radio stations and offers without question the coolest line up in the country. With a focus on no charts and no crap they are anything but mainstream. If you fancy listening to music non-stop, book the FM4 room!

Fm4 You Re At Home Baby


Atelier Karasinski & Archiguards in cooperation with Bachhuber are the interior designers of Superbude Prater. Laura, Gerd, Theresa and Anita have collaborated on our project with great attention to detail. The four-year planning process has been intense, thrilling and full of excitement. Having finished all the work, we are proud of the result and are looking forward to welcoming you to our carefully designed hotel.

Laura Karasinski


With NENI Restaurant & Bar on our rooftop we have found a great partner in which to open one of the most creative restaurants that Vienna has to offer. From the panoramic terrace, you can enjoy stunning views across the Prater, whilst enjoying Israeli street food and watching the rollercoasters swoosh by. It doesn’t matter if you are a hotel guest or a local – everybody is welcome here!

Kinderhospiz MOMO

We are pleased to support the children's hospice MOMO with our fundraising campaign. If you book a stay online, you can decide for yourselves how much you want to contribute. Every help counts!

Here are a few words about the wonderful people of MOMO. 

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MOMO: Comprehensive care at home

The multi-professional MOMO team provides medical and psychosocial support for seriously ill children aged 0-18 years and their families. From the moment a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or life-limiting desease, and beyond death, MOMO is there for the whole family. As distinctive as every seriously ill child and every family situation is, Vienna's mobile children's hospice MOMO responds to the need for care as individually as possible. The service is free of charge for the families and is almost solely financed by donations.

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