Sustainable and fair cycling with a two-wheeler made of bamboo - this is possible in all three Hamburg hotels, thanks to our friends from My Boo. For a small fee, you can borrow one of these gems for a whole day and explore the city. But there is one important factor that is becoming increasingly relevant these days:

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The fair and sustainable production of products-including bicycles and e-bikes. The problem is that most bicycle frames are still made from materials that consume conspicuously high amounts of energy during production and cause high CO2 emissions.

A real alternative to aluminum or carbon is the natural raw material bamboo - a sustainable and resource-saving material with many advantages. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. But the natural material also impresses in terms of comfort. Thanks to the natural damping, you can even ride comfortably and quietly over cobblestones. The bamboo bikes from my Boo not only offer a suitable alternative to conventional bicycles, they also support social projects in Ghana: every bamboo bike sold finances the My Boo Ghana School, where 500 children are now being taught. In addition, 40 permanent and secure jobs have already been created in frame production and in the school.

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Superbude Hotel Hamburg Kooperationen My Boo Fahrraeder 4

Super photographers

Whenever our rooms had a makeover, when the stage of the ASTRA Rockstar Suite quakes, when the crew is enjoying a fish bun at the Elbe beach, that's when our super photographers come into action and shoot the great pictures you can see everywhere. Thanks to Christian Perl, Felix Plehn, Kevin Bohla and Eva Giolbas for always presenting us in the right light.

Grüne Flora

With new flowers “Grüne Flora” brings freshness in our lobby every week. This is great not just because they know best what they do but also because they are our lovely neighbours.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 27

OHA! music

Together with the boys and girls of OHA! Music we organize regular events in our Superbuden. Whether "RetrOlympics" or "Checkin' The Beats", this friendship is really fun!

Superbude Hamburg Soundkuchen Konzerte Events 1


Bridge&Tunnel steht für zweite Chancen. Seit 2016 fertigt das Social Fashion Label mitten in Hamburg mit gesellschaftlich benachteiligten Menschen sowie mit Geflüchteten. Beide verbindet das enorme handwerkliche Geschick jenseits von Zeugnissen und Diploma. Und die Erkenntnis: Wer arbeitet, lernt Menschen kennen. Und wer arbeitet, füht sich gebraucht. Auch die Designs erzählen von zweiten Chancen. Denn alle Produkte für das eigene B2C Label entstehen aus used Denim. Und genau diese Expertise haben wir uns in die Superbude St. Pauli geholt: Zusammen mit Bridge&Tunnel und Levi's haben wir die 501 Bude zum Leben erweckt - ein absoluter Denim Dream!

A group picture of the employee of the Bridge and Tunnel Sewing Company from Hamburg.

FKP Scorpio

FKP Scorpio is one of the largest music production companies in Germany. Concerts, festivals and show productions, among others the Elb Jazz or the Hurricane are part of the program.

Superbude Hamburg Soundkuchen Konzerte Events 8


Super stylish are our friends from Levi's. The textile company, the inventors of blue jeans and our partners.
Why only wear jeans when you can also sit on them? We have covered many sofas in the rooms, cinema of the Superbude St. Georg, Kitchenclub of the Superbude St. Pauli and in our ASTRA Rockstar Suite. The idea: give old jeans a second chance, because anyone can throw them away and upcycling is exactly what we do.

Superbude Lifestyle Hotel Hamburg Hostel 154

Levi's® 247 App

In der Levi's® 247 App geht’s rund! Hier bekommst Du immer über die neusten Produkte Bescheid und Early Bird Sale Zugang, Geburtstagsüberraschungen und exklusive Vorteile. Sammle Coins und sahne ab – eins ist garantiert, mit Levi's® siehst du immer super aus! Hier geht es direkt zum Download: Google Play | AppStore

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Uebel & Gefährlich

The "Uebel und Gefährlich" is super close to the Superbude in St. Pauli. For good concerts and parties this address should be kept in mind.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 138


The Molotow - cult, music, nightlife. A must during your visit in Hamburg and we are grateful for the friendship. Sometimes we have free tickets or guest list places for the cool events, just ask.

Molotow Club Reeperbahn Superbude Hamburg Hotel Hostel

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua supports social projects all over the world by using the profits from the water. You can get it at our self-service refrigerators and support the good cause.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 131


Three friends from Hamburg thought, hygiene articles, can be done differently! Now they produce toothbrushes, soap, cotton swabs and much more. Sustainable and fair. If someone has forgotten his toothbrush or pasta - no problem! You can get the hydrophilic toothbrushes, -pasta or travel cases at our reception.

Lifestyle Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg 24


It is not only water that the world needs, sanitation facilities are also urgently needed in many parts of the world. In addition to water Viva con Aqua now also sells the "Goldeimer" toilet paper for good cause and supporting such projects. Yes, it is the funny printed paper which you found in our rooms!

Superbude Lifestyle Hotel Hostel Hamburg Herbst 129

fritz kola

Fritz kola has a lot of choice. And it's colorful on top of that! From kola to grape spritzer, the Hamburg beverage gods have the right thing for every taste. Thank you very much for your support, the delicious drinks and a great friendship. The fritz studio in St. Georg visualizes this relationship in a tasteful way.

Superbude Hotel St Georg Fritz Bude Zimmer 10


Whether a "Rakete", "Kiezmische", "Rotlicht" or the classic "Urtyp". You can find them all in our refrigerator. ASTRA comes from next door. The Holsten brewery is only two times left and two times right. In the ASTRA Rockstarsuite you will find the beer of your heart in every corner.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 118

Paloma Lemonade

Paloma olé! Delicious grapefruit lemonade. It is best served cold in our houses to enjoy this Mexican taste explosion. All in pink and yellow is also our Paloma studio in the Superbude St. Georg The studio was furnished by them and whoever sleeps there one night gets some drinks for free from our friends...

Superbude Hotel St Georg Palomabude Zimmer 9

ChariTea Lemonaid

Whether green, black or red tea - grapefruit, passion fruit or lemon; ChariTea and Lemonaid taste especially good to us. A little tip: If the prosecco-mate has tasted especially good at night, then ChariTea black is a good way to get through the day!

Superbude Hotel St Georg Funfbettbude Zimmer 5

Fortune Hotels

The Superbuden belong to a fine family of hotels operating in different segments. With The George Hotel in the centre of Hamburg, the Gastwerk in Bahrenfeld, the PIERDREI in the chic district called "HafenCity" and both Superbuden in St. Georg and St. Pauli every guest in Hamburg will find his perfect match!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 72


Chocolate makes you happy and there is a lot of it in Chocoversum...! With a discount card from the reception you can discover and taste the chocolate paradise of our friends...

Chocoversum By Hachez Hamburg Sehenswurdigkeit

Miniatur Wonderland

Hamburg, the gateway to the world. Hamburg, the world in extra small. There is a lot to discover in the Miniatur wonderland. Whether with or without children, it is worthwhile to have a look at the small, big model world. With the MiWuLa-Package you can book the tickets directly from us.

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Speicherstadt Touristenattraktion

Thalia Theater

The program of the Thalia Theater is great for those who are interested in culture as well as for those who want to become one.

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Speicherstadt Touristenattraktion

Schmidt´s Tivoli

Best entertainment at the Reeperbahn.
Since 1988 there is always something going on at Germany's most famous mile. With about 400,000 visitors per year, Schmidt - consisting of Schmidt Theater, Schmidt's Tivoli and Schmidtchen - it is Germany's most successful private theater.

Schmidts Tivoli Hamburg Theater Reeperbahn Foto By Ingo Boelter

Mehr! Theater

The Mehr! Theater at the Hamburger Großmarkt features concerts, musicals and other events. The location is medium-sized and the program is definitely worth a visit.

Mehr Theater Hamburg Grossmarkt

Millerntor Gallery

The Millerntor Gallery opens its doors not only for St. Pauli stadium but also to artistic projects and works. The international art, music and culture festival takes place once a year, organized and initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and FC Sankt Pauli.

Superbude Hotel Hostel St Georg Hamburg Lifestyle

Die Brueder

The first English Hamburg Indiemac (Indie-Magazine) of "Die Brueder" takes up interesting Hamburg topics and presents them. The magazine is of course located in the magazine corners of the Superbude - take a look!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Indoor Hamburg 1

Kampf der Künste

"Kampf der Kuenste" organizes many great events from poetry slams to "Slam Village", a whole slam festival. 

Kampf Der Kuenste Kultur Poetry Slam Hamburg Schauspielhaus Gruener Jaeger Kdk St Pauli 4


The interior designers of DREIMETA from Augsburg not only built our mega cool Superkiste by DREIMETA. They also designed and furnished the Superbude St. Pauli and St. Georg from the inside.

Superbude Hotel Hamburg St Pauli Lobby armchair and table

Madrid Skateboard

In the Superbude St. Georg we have over 200 longboards. Some of them you can borrow and explore the city on wheels, the others are hanging as shelves on the walls in the rooms. Thanks to Madrid Skateboards! What a great idea and such a great design!

Superbude Hotel St Georg Vierbettbude Zimmer 1


xport, our trusted advertising agency is not located in Hamburg but has been with us for quite some long time. It's great that you are able to bring all our nonsense, our ideas and your skills together so fabulously.

Lifestyle Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg 36

The Hearts Hotel

Rocks in the middle of the Harz National Park. Get out of the city whether for vacation or work. The resort offers gentle relaxation in a stylish surrounding. Good food, fast WLAN or breakfast on the hilltop, that's what the highest boutique hotel in the whole north promises.

Hearts Hotel

Selective artists

Beds are burning. Concerts in our Astra Rockstarsuite in St. Pauli, at the same time as the Reeperbahn festival in cooperation with Selective artists. With some selected german artists you will have your blast inside of our Superbude St. Pauli. Also at our great event "soundcake" the one or the other artist is represented by our friends.

Superbude Philosophie St Pauli Rockstarsuite


All our rooms in St. Pauli and St. Georg are equipped with high quality mattresses, to ensure sweet dreams and a feeling of wellbeing. We want you to feel like home but how would that be possible without a comfortable sleep?!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home St Pauli Room 25


Tales and Tails from St. Michaelisdonn (Schleswig-Holstein) provides us with our great dog treats for the hotels in Hamburg. 

What is taken care of:

100% meat or fish
No animal testing
Climate Neutral Production
Without cereals

We like that a lot!


Diese Freunde von uns machen stark – Dich, uns und möglichst viele Menschen da draußen. Denn für sie hat Sport die Power, ganz viel für jeden Menschen zum Positiven zu verändern. Darum dreht sich bei STARK alles um superleckeres Fitness-Food in Bio-Qualität.

Vom jedem STARK Produkt, das Du Dir gönnst, geben sie mindestens 5 Cent an die „Fußballschule für den Frieden“ weiter, ein soziales Sportprojekt der Welthungerhilfe in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik.

Die super schicken Yogamatten aus Kork findest du in all unseren Hamburger Superbuden Shops oder bei unseren hauseigenen Yogakursen in der Superbude Altona Paradise. 

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