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for now, everything will have to be a little different at the hotels. We have taken great pleasure in designing it in a way so that you can enjoy your visit as usual. Keep your eyes open and stay alert - everything will be SUPER! The following hygiene measures and changes at the hotels will be implemented:

You can find all necessary information behind the buttons below.

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Superbude Hotel & Hostel Hamburg

How handy can it be, while you are looking for a last minute hotel in Hamburg, we've already made the beds. You only have to start moving and decide whether you prefer staying at Superbude St. Georg or at Superbude St. Pauli. Both hotels are everything but boring or standard cause last minute does not necessarily have to be a bad thing.

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Both locations are different, yet both have their claim to fame. The colorful St. Georg neighborhood and the arty St. Pauli district will ensure that you fill your pockets with adventures and stories to take home.

After a good night sleep in the super beds, a balanced breakfast and a refreshing shower in the spacious bathrooms you will be ready fort he day – don´t forget to pick up the insider tips from the reception desk that we have prepared for you!

Last Minute – cheaper yes or no?

We won't promise that last minute is cheaper but it could be, depending on the daily rate. Sometimes you are lucky and some other time you might not be as lucky still, we will certainly not take any advantage from last minute bookings.

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There are no extreme costs for last minute hotel bookings, nor do we offer dumping prices.

Now it is on you to decide whether we are a good match or not…

Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg People Altonaer Waagenbau

Book your hotel now, it´s never too late!

Flexible cancellation up to one day before arrival

Hamburg Altona

Superbude Paradise is within walking distance of the romantic Ottensen district. If you want to really unwind, this is the place to be! Paradise flair and boogie vibes included!

Hamburg St. Georg

The colorful St. Georg bribes with its supercentral location and easy access to every city hotspot. It is the perfect gateway for those of you who enjoy exploring the city center and all its facets.

Hamburg St. Pauli

The notorious St. Pauli is the perfect location for music, art and bar scenes in Hamburg. The city never sleeps unless you have a room at Superbude. Explore the magic vibes!


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