Doubles starting at 65€, the experience is for free!

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Where are Superbude Hotels?

There are three hotels in Hamburg. Both houses are not only reasonably priced but also reasonable located.

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Superbude St. Georg is just a short walk away from the city center. In case you want to explore the port, the Reeperbahn or anything else, the hotel is close by a train station from which you can get anywhere!

Superbude St. Pauli is located in a colorful and arty district called the Schanzenvirtel. Right outside our home away from home are plenty of bars, restaurants, little boutiques and a lot to explore. Don´t worry, if you get caught up at some tasty bar with fancy drinks, we are here for you all night long.

The Superbude Altona Paradise is only a few minutes walk from the beautiful and alternative district of Ottensen and behind there the Elbe flows directly - so the beach is not far from paradise.

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What do Superbude Hotels cost?

You get your room at Superbude starting at 65€ for a double room. In the three-, four-, five and six-bed rooms you do not even have to separate from your crew or family. At a cost of 9,90€ you receive a healthy and balanced breakfast at our Kitchenclub.

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Just wake up and if you feel like eating well meet you there – we have it all ready by 7am and you can eat as much as you want until noon. We charge 16 € for our all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

There is a room for every combination of travel-group, a breakfast for any taste preferences and an open door for everyone!

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Where is Superbude located?

Our hotels are centrally located. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the Superbude St. Pauli, in the middle of the hip neigborhood Sternschanze, Superbude St. Georg, within walking distance to the city center and the Alster or Superbude Altona Paradise next to beautiful Ottensen.

What is included in the price?

Included is the overnight stay with everything that goes with it. Bed linen, towels, hairdryer, Wifi. The breakfast can be booked spontaneously for an additional 16€. All other extras that are not included in the price can be found as additional services when a booking has been made or directly with us at the reception.

Which Superbude suits me best?

It all depends on where you like to stay in Hamburg. The Superbude St. Georg is very centrally located and has its own cinema and a playroom, whereas Superbude St. Pauli is located in the middle of the colorful Schanzenviertel. Countless bars, restaurants, shops and the Reeperbahn can be reached on foot. Superbude Altona is our little paradies, surrounded by a rather green district and close by the center of Ottensen, where many alternative shops, bars and restaurants can be found. Take a look on the map at the bottom of the page...

How cheap is the hotel?

A double room starts at 65€ per night for 2 persons. The higher the number of beds in the room you choose, the cheaper it gets per person. Be sure to find your perfect match!

What is special about the hotel concept?

The special thing about Superbude is the mixture of hotel comfort, hostel vibes, and home feeling. As hosts, we love to make every stay unforgettable and as a good friend, we are always available with tips and all necessary information.

Where can I get the Hamburg tips?

Either from our crew, adapted to the individual interests of the person in front of us or from our CULTURE ZONE. Here you can find the best events, restaurants, bars, and sights in advance.

Highlights at Superbude

Super soft beds

In our rooms, you will not only find great CASPER mattresses, but also fuzzy soft bed linen. All bedding is allergy-friendly. We are looking forward to making the bed for you.

Super value for money

The Superbude is considered a cheap hotel with a strong performance! Great design and an extra portion of home feeling make every visit special. We love to combine modern hospitality, super quality, and reasonable prices in our concept.

Cheap extras

Whether a beer, a souvenir for home, a rental bike or breakfast every morning - the costs for all extras that can be booked are absolutely fair. Nothing has to be booked in advance, but can be done spontaneously and on-site. All extras are also available when you book online under the item additional services.


Our KARMA-BAR is the center of our trust concept because our fridges are open and filled all day where you are welcome to take whatever you wish- just like at a friends place. We go through all this at check-out and add it to the bill.

Free WiFi

Of course, there is high speed & free Wifi in all the rooms and communal areas around the hotel. If you are sitting in the Kitchenclub of Superbude St. Georg and St. Pauli or in the living room of Superbude Altona to co-work and need an even faster connection, we will be happy to provide it.

Best prices for direct bookings

The hotel is always the cheapest if you book directly. We accept reservations via the website, phone, and email. Don't forget to check our Special Offer page, maybe there is a special discount on it!

We are always there for you!

Our receptions are occupied 24/7, on 365 days a year to ensure that our guests always have everything they need and that is very important to us. Feel free to drop by for a chat and let our crew provide you with great tips!

Our Superbuden

Hamburg Altona

Superbude Paradise is within walking distance of the romantic Ottensen district. If you want to really unwind, this is the place to be! Paradise flair and boogie vibes included!

Hamburg St. Georg

The colorful St. Georg bribes with its supercentral location and easy access to every city hotspot. It is the perfect gateway for those of you who enjoy exploring the city center and all its facets.

Hamburg St. Pauli

The notorious St. Pauli is the perfect location for music, art and bar scenes in Hamburg. The city never sleeps unless you have a room at Superbude. Explore the magic vibes!


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