WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

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WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*, we are back and can´t wait to see you all again!

You can find all neccessary information behind the button Questions & Answers.

Love, *SB

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Starting August 1st, we offer private rooms for people who want to stay a little longer. For 500€ per month you are welcome to move in.


Superbude St. Georg is centrally located. In walking distance from your new home, you will find the city center with countless shops, cafes and restaurants, the train station Berliner Tor as well as Hammerbrook.


In ordert o make you feel at home rather than feeling like staying at a hotel we will mke sure your rooms are equipped with all necessary things you need to have. A large and comfortable bed, a private bathroom, a desk and your closet form the basis for your home feeling. You will also find a smart TV, a fridge, towels and sheets in your room. You are also welcome to also hang around our Kitchenclub, the private cinema and the little gym. Furthermore, we have a washing station wich we share with you.


Because we are a hotel, hostel and home, weekly cleaning of your room is included in the price. Also, you are welcome to have breakfast at the Kitchenclub for a very fair price. We, the people who work here, have lunch together every day and we would be happy, if you would sit with us. Let us know in advance and we will order lunch for you!


Fancy a bike? You can rent one at our Hotel or we can share with you tips on how to rent a bike in Hamburg. This would be a little cheaper, but you will have to sort it out yourself.


Our daily routines include dealing with people who want to experience Hamburg and we really do our best to provide tips which result in an unforgettable time. Hence, also you will be provided with the best tips if you need any and maybe some guest list spots for really nice events – we have quite a nice network around us (depending on how the situation around events is developing in the coming months).

Enough about us, let's talk about you!


If this all sounds charming then you can do the following things.


Send us a message and tell us a bit about yourself, just like you would apply for a room in a shared flat!


Give us dates so we can check if we have availability.


How to contact us?

reservierungstgeorg@superbude.com – we will get back to you ASAP!

We can´t wait to hear from you! Talk to you soon.

Your room

Your room is fully equipped with everything you need. A comfortable bed with fuzzy soft bedding, a desk, a small sitting area and a fully equipped bathroom with towels and soap. There is also a small plant in your room for extra good air, which you are welcome to care for. There is also an open cupboard where you can store all your things. If you are missing something, just have a look at the shelf in the corridor. There you will find everything from laundry racks to board games and watering cans. Sharing is caring!

Bike rental

We rent bikes at Swapfiets and can either just order one or give you tips on how to do it yourself. If you rent it yourself it is a bit cheaper. Repair service is provided by Swapfiets.


The WiiFi is of course free of charge and works in the whole house. If you need the high speed WiFi, we can also set it up for a small extra charge.


Every morning from 7 to 12 o'clock we serve breakfast. Normally it costs 10,90 €, but for you we offer it cheaper. For 5 € you get a full breakfast bag, as soon as the regulations allow it, we will switch back to our all-you-can-eat buffet.

coffee flat

If you drink more than one coffee a day we recommend a coffee flat rate. We also offer this at an absolutely fair price of 4 € per day.

Smart TV

Your room has a Smart TV. If that is not enough for you, you are always welcome to go to the cinema and watch an exciting film. Alone, with your roommates or with friends. It's up to you!


And now to us. We are a colourful mixture of different people and our biggest common ground is that we all love to be hosts. We are very collegial with each other and always have an open mind. We are always at your side with all our knowledge and would be happy if you would simply become a small part of us. Whether it's a beer on the roof terrace after work or at lunch together - we are there for you twenty-four hours a day. 


In order to become a flatmate you simply have to apply.

Price: 500€ per person and month for your extra nice room, cleaning and the use of the above mentioned common areas.

Extra costs for: a bicycle, lunch, breakfast, drinks from the bar, special cleaning. 

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Everything that is included in the room:

  • mini bar
  • bluetooth speaker
  • dishes set & cup
  • fridge box
  • two table tennis bats & balls
  • laundry basket
  • coat hangers
  • mirror, plant, bedspread, reading lamp
  • thermos flask
  • kettle
  • welcome box (snacks, drinks, coffee mug)
  • desk utensils
  • basket for the bathroom
  • hair dryer
  • doormat

Sharing is caring

  • yoga mats
  • watering can for your plants
  • extra seats for visits
  • books
  • laundry rack
  • umbrella
  • skipping rope
  • social games

Extra costs in detail

A bike: if you rent the bike through us you pay 40€ per month. Repairs are included!

Breakfast: 5 € per day

Lunch: for 7,50 € per day you can choose from the daily menu

Drinks from the bar: well, that depends on what you want to drink. We will give you a special price on everything. Promise!

Coffee flatrate per day: 4 €

Special cleaning: A special cleaning costs 20€.

Use of washing machine: for free! (But you have to buy washing powder yourself)

Cinema use: for free!

Use of the gym: for free!

Wifi: for free!

Use of kitchen: for free!

Enquiries to: reservierungstgeorg@superbude.com


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If you would like to apply for a room, please write an email to reservierungstgeorg@superbude.com. Mention the desired period and send us some information about yourself. 

Minimum stay: 1 month

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