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Superbude Vienna opens its doors for the first time on the first of June! Also, Superbude St. Pauli reopens on this day. We are so excited and hope that you will all come and visit us very soon. Superbude Paradise will follow on June 15th - YAY!

Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*,

we are so happy to finally announce our reopening plans. The dates for opening our four hotels are:

You can find all necessary information behind the buttons below.

Love, *SB

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Winterhuder Kai

6,0 km bis St. Georg
5,0 km bis St. Pauli

Between Winterude and Eppendorf lies, directly on the waterfront of the Winterhuder Kai. No matter whether you want to take a walk or chill out. Here along the idyllic Alster river you can enjoy life.

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