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Bistro Carmagnole

Bistro Carmagnole Hamburg Schanze St Pauli Franzosisch Restaurant 3

Tucked away in a side street of the Schanzenviertel - between Roter Flora and Lerchenwache - is the Bistro Carmagnole.

Carmagnole? Isn't that a town in northern Italy? It is indeed! But 'La Carmagnole' is not only the name of an important Jewish resistance group from Lyon, in which many women fought against the German occupying forces, but also the name of one of the most famous songs of the French Revolution, which marks the birth of modern French cuisine.
Suddenly, food for the third stand was no longer just a pleasure-free calorie intake. Culinary enjoyment, previously reserved for the upper classes only, was now - at least in theory - open to everyone. The guillotine fell around the clock and created new conditions. The nobility and clergy were disempowered - and many chefs were unemployed. Where were these artists of food preparation now to do their work, since fewer and fewer eaters were present at the courts? And what was to be done with all the food, the vegetables, the fruit, the meat and - santé! - the wine? The chefs had no choice but to take their skills to market and settle in the urban centres where they created places where the new and confident citizens could enjoy their cooking for the first time.
On the menu of Bistro Carmagnole you will find classics of French cuisine such as moules frites, steak tartar or our hot and dearly beloved artichokes. From cheese soufflé to consommé in the spirit of Voltaire, from bouillabaisse to tarte tatin, from crème brûlée to croque-en-bouche - gourmets, gastrosophers and bon vivants, please don't lose your head! There are also bi-weekly and seasonal changing dishes with game, truffles, oysters, fish and so much more. Perhaps accompanied by a coupe de champagne, a strong red wine or even a cocktail?

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