What can one do at the Elbphilharmonie?

The architectural masterpiece would like you to visit the inside, more specific the small and large concert hall, which are the core of the building. Many different concerts are scheduled. In addition, those, who do not want to pay for the tickets, can visit the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. The Plaza of the building invites you to stroll around and get a good view of the port.

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Up with the escalator, one can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the surroundings and get a glimpse of the Hafencity district as well as the Speicherstadt.

One, two, three pictures and your memories are ready to be taken home.

The best time to visit the Plaza is during the week when not too many tourists are around and the people from the city are stuck at their desks working.

A young man is standing on the roof of Superbude St Pauli and Hamburg's skyline can be seen in the background

Where is the Elbphilharmonie & how can I get there?

The Elphi is located in the Hafencity. The Hafencity is right next to the Speicherstadt, our UNESCO cultural heritage.

When you take the underground lane no. 3 you exit at the station called Baumwall and take a nice walk from there.

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Within 10 minutes you pass the Speicherstadt, get a glimpse of the beautiful canals and old storage buildings, and eventually, end up right outside the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Parking in the Speicherstadt is quite costly.

If you are happy to take a little walk it is actually a really nice way to get to the Elphi starting from both houses. When starting at Superbude St. Georg, you will take around half an hour and walk bast Deichtorhallen, Oberhafen and Speicherstand which is really nice to take good pictures. With a bike, which you can get at Superbude, you only need 10 minutes to get there - easy riding!

When starting at Superbude St. Pauli a bike ride would also take around 10 minutes whereas the walk is around 45 minutes. When leaving Superbude and walking through the nice neighbourhood St. Pauli you also find a lot of good photo spots. Furthermore you will pass the famous Landungsbrücken and get a peak of Speicherstadt.

Make sure you take your camera along.

Hotel at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Yes, you have read correctly – there is a hotel inside the building. That is not us though. Superbude Hotel is located in St. Georg, St. Pauli and Altona. Starting at either hotel, you can easily reach the U3 lane and get to Baumwall in no time to see that gem.

Once you have seen the Elphi and its surroundings come back home – we are always here for you.

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Once you have seen enough and want to get out of the attraction madness you simply come back home – we are always here for you.

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And now?

As the people from Hamburg, we enjoy life aside from the main tourist attractions and would like to show you the Hamburg that we enjoy every day, which make us confident in saying, that we live in the most beautiful city around.

If you stay at our cheap hotels in Hamburg, you might even have some money left to buy a ticket for a concert....

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Fill up your pockets with that kind of memories and you might be lucky and have some coins left to buy a ticket to one of the concerts at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

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Hamburg Altona

Superbude Paradise is within walking distance of the romantic Ottensen district. If you want to really unwind, this is the place to be! Paradise flair and boogie vibes included!

Hamburg St. Georg

The colorful St. Georg bribes with its supercentral location and easy access to every city hotspot. It is the perfect gateway for those of you who enjoy exploring the city center and all its facets.

Hamburg St. Pauli

The notorious St. Pauli is the perfect location for music, art and bar scenes in Hamburg. The city never sleeps unless you have a room at Superbude. Explore the magic vibes!


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