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In Germany we have a weather folklore which says that the 27th of June will define the weather for the following 7 weeks. Believe it or not, we are really excited fort hat day and hope for sunshine!

If the sun decides to let us down please pack the sunshine in your bag from wherever you are coming… Because we find it super if you share your sunshine with us, we give you up to 27% percent off the daily rate for 7 weeks.

See you in summer, sunshine!

High Seven! Close

Everyone's different, but everyone should feel comfortable at Superbude. So, there are a few ground rules for living together while at Superbude. You could also call these "house rules".

1. Beauty sleep for all

Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Especially if they have a busy day ahead. That's why "Shhh! Curfew" applies at Superbude hotels from 10 pm until 6 am. Please be as quiet as you can in the corridors and guest rooms, as well as outside the building during this time, so that others can enjoy their beauty sleep. Devices capable of playing loud music are a definite no-no during this time.

2. Alcohol and smoking at Superbude

You're more than welcome to enjoy a beer or two at our bar. However, bringing alcoholic beverages into Superbude and consuming them in your room is not welcome and therefore prohibited, as is smoking anywhere in the building.

3. Weapons and illegal drugs

Bringing illegal drugs or (legal or illegal) weapons onto Superbude premises is also prohibited, as is their use.

4. For your safety: CCTV

For your safety, the publicly accessible areas of Superbude – reception, restaurant, bar, corridors – are monitored by CCTV.

We wish you a pleasant stay!