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Superbude is closed until 30th of June!

This date is estimated but can change, stay tuned.

Due to the current situation we had to close both hotels in Hamburg. But we would be pleased if you would support us now with a reservation for the future!

Spread some love, friends! We would also be happy if you leave us a message in our cosmos – BECAUSE WE MISS YOU!

Thanks & see you soon, Yours *SB

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Your questions & our answers

What about existing bookings at Superbude?

Bookings in the period until 31.05.2020

All cancellations are free of charge and those affected will be or have been informed and, if necessary, rebooked to the Gastwerk Hotel or The George.

Bookings in the period 01. - 30.06.

Hoping that we can reopen earlier, we will keep these bookings in the system and reassess the situation in 2-3 weeks. Should it become apparent that we cannot open earlier, the cancellation confirmation will be sent to you in a few weeks.

Bookings for the period from 30.06.2020

The best way is to book directly on our homepage or via e-mail to //

For the beginning of July, for example, the same applies in case of an extension of the closure as for the period until 30.06.2020.

We are looking forward to your support!

Your trip has to take place anyway, what now?

  • For all bookings during the period of the Superbuden closure, which are to be maintained due to a professional purpose, we offer ua rebooking in our partner hotels Gastwerk or The George Hotel at the same conditions. This offer applies to bookings from 1st of May, until then we cannot accommodate you in any hotel.
  • Furthermore, we would be very grateful if existing, private bookings could be rebooked to a new date in the second half of the year.
  • Please get in touch with us for this. You can reach us at: //

Please contact us for this. You can reach us at: //

How can we reach you in the meantime?

Due to the fact that all staff are on short-term employment our Fortunes Hotel Family will take care of you in the meantime.

Who do we best contact in the case of:

Make a booking:

On our website or via e-mail to //

Buy a voucher:

Send an email to //

Edit a booking in the future:

E-mail to //

The processing time may take a little while, as we are currently not in operation.

What happens in case of opening earlier or an extension of the closure?

In our newsletter, on this page and the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) we will inform you about possible changes. Just follow our pages and be the first to know when we finally open again!

Your question was not answered?

Please write us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. //

Statement on the current situation

After a few days of uncertainty, the hotel industry, and therefore us, has been hit hard.

***Starting today, our hotels will be closed until June 30th 2020! ***

We don't really know what to say and how to say it because at the same time we think of all our partners, neighbours and friends who have been hit just as hard.

As employer we try to help our employees to get through this unknown and difficult situation. In the end we have one goal; to open the doors to our beloved Superbude again.

We are already looking forward to the day when we will be able to enjoy the place as a meeting place for our community and guests, filled with wonderful events, modern and fun hospitality vibes, delicious breakfast and great people. Anticipation remains the most beautiful! And when that day has come, we need you more than ever to get back up!

Dear friends, stay positive, don't get discouraged, show solidarity to all who need it, be conscientious, buy records, stream music from up-and-coming artists and donate. We can do it, together! Without you we wouldn't be Superbude!

If there are any changes to these dates, we will inform you all immediately. The quickest way to find out everything is to be on our newsletter list: or at

See you soon, Superbude & Joern, Kim, Klaas, Kimi, Christian, Danilo, Philipp, Fenja, Alice, Tina, Wosto, Phil, Andrew, Jan, Xenia, Christina, Paula, Jenny, Andrea, Kitty, Flo, Elena, Katrin, Sebastian, Nazzareno, Jenny, Nele, Jens, Chris, Adil, Tatjana, Salma, Christian, Flo & Michi, and all our loyal helpers <3

PS: If you have booked a stay in this period, we, as well as all other tourism companies, would be very happy if you simply choose another date in the future instead of canceling.


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