SUPERBUDE hotels are closed until April 30st.

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We are temporarily closed, but we will be back very soon! All information about existing bookings and reopening can be found here!

Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*, we closed for now but can't wait to see you all again soon!

You can find all necessary information behind the button Questions & Answers.

Love, *SB

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Superbude St. Pauli  and Superbude St. Georg are closed.


All information regarding your booking or bookings for the future can be found on this page. 

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Until we reopen in December

Bookings in the period until 30.04.2021

All existing bookings will be contacted by us in order to postpone the booking to a later date at best or cancel it if necessary.

Bookings for the period from 30.04.2021

The best way is to book directly on our homepage or via e-mail to //

The same applies in case of an extension of the closure as for the period until 30.04.2021.

We are looking forward to your support!

Your trip has to take place anyway, what now?

We would be very grateful if existing, private bookings could be rebooked to a new date in the second half of the year.

Please contact us for this. You can reach us at: //

How can we reach you in the meantime?

Whom do we best contact in the case of:

Make a booking:

On our website or via e-mail to //

Buy a voucher:

Edit a booking in the future:

E-mail to //

The processing time may take a little while, as we are currently not in operation.

What happens in case of opening earlier or an extension of the closure?

In our newsletter, on this page and the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) we will inform you about possible changes. Just follow our pages and be the first to know when we finally open again!

If this affects bookings in the future or new bookings we will get in touch!

Your question was not answered?

Please write us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. //


The hotels remain closed until further notice. We hope that we will be able to reopen on April 1st. We will make sure to inform you as soon as we know more...

STATEMENT 30.10.2020

Superbude closes until further notice!

Unfortunately, we have to close our hotels in Hamburg for a second time. We are trying to reopen as soon as possible, stay tuned! Everyone who is affected by this shutdown will be contacted asap, we take care of you!

Friends and family, please hang in there! There is no good place without you - your restaurants, your bars, your art and your music! We don’t want to imagine a corporatist world ruled by chains and boring places. We are all in this together!

Hope to see you all again soon! Stay healthy and stay positive people! We love you all <3

Hamburg Altona

Superbude Paradise is within walking distance of the romantic Ottensen district. If you want to really unwind, this is the place to be! Paradise flair and boogie vibes included!

Hamburg St. Georg

The colorful St. Georg bribes with its supercentral location and easy access to every city hotspot. It is the perfect gateway for those of you who enjoy exploring the city center and all its facets.

Hamburg St. Pauli

The notorious St. Pauli is the perfect location for music, art and bar scenes in Hamburg. The city never sleeps unless you have a room at Superbude. Explore the magic vibes!

Vienna Prater

Superbude Prater opens its doors to 178 wild rooms, or ‘Buden’ as we like to call them, an all-day-breakfast-café BRENNER and to a spectacular NENI restaurant with rooftop terrace in summer 2021. Enjoy the ride!

STATEMENT 25.06.2020


Finally we can announce, that after such a long time also our Superbude St. Georg is ready to reopen again. We will be back on the 13th of July.

Even though things run a little different around here, we still put all our efforts in making your stay as super as possible. All details about our rules and regulations are online so you can find out what we do to support your time at Superbude.

Come stay with us, we have collected the best Hamburg tips, polished our rental bikes, made your beds and put the room cards in order. We are happy to finally be your HHomies again. See you soon!

STATEMENT 13.05.2020

And suddenly everything was upside down, Superbude locked its doors for the first time since opening, you couldn't be in the park with friends on the first sunny days of the year, as usual, the Hamburg harbor birthday as well as countless festivals and events were canceled and not to forget, suddenly the toilet paper was empty.

In such unusual times, when everything is different, we had to rethink and even close down. Now, after many days of waiting, we finally have a reopening date for our Superbude St. Pauli. We still have to be patient until 15th June 2020, but then we can finally welcome guests again!

We are so happy about it and immediately made a plan for how to implement everything according to the current situation. Of course, we deal with all official measures responsibly every day. You can be sure that we have taken everything into account to make your stay as safe and pleasant as possible. To make sure that this does not end in uncountable numbers of signs around the property we have implemented many small ideas for you everywhere in the hotel - be curious and discover for yourself...

Dear friends who love our Superbude as much as we do, now it is up to you to support us. Have a look at your calendars and come back to Hamburg - we miss you so much.

And when you finally come back, sit back and enjoy the time - you deserve it. We will take care of the rest...

Statement March 18th, 2020

***Starting today (18th of March 2020), our hotels will be closed until June 15th 2020! ***

We don't really know what to say and how to say it because at the same time we think of all our partners, neighbours and friends who have been hit just as hard.

As employer we try to help our employees to get through this unknown and difficult situation. In the end we have one goal; to open the doors to our beloved Superbude again.

We are already looking forward to the day when we will be able to enjoy the place as a meeting place for our community and guests, filled with wonderful events, modern and fun hospitality vibes, delicious breakfast and great people. Anticipation remains the most beautiful! And when that day has come, we need you more than ever to get back up!

Dear friends, stay positive, don't get discouraged, show solidarity to all who need it, be conscientious, buy records, stream music from up-and-coming artists and donate. We can do it, together! Without you we wouldn't be Superbude!

If there are any changes to these dates, we will inform you all immediately. The quickest way to find out everything is to be on our newsletter list: or at

See you soon, Superbude & Joern, Kim, Klaas, Kimi, Christian, Danilo, Philipp, Fenja, Alice, Tina, Wosto, Phil, Andrew, Jan, Xenia, Christina, Paula, Jenny, Andrea, Kitty, Flo, Elena, Katrin, Sebastian, Nazzareno, Jenny, Nele, Jens, Chris, Adil, Tatjana, Salma, Christian, Flo & Michi, and all our loyal helpers <3

PS: If you have booked a stay in this period, we, as well as all other tourism companies, would be very happy if you simply choose another date in the future instead of canceling.


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