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You have questions regarding Superbude Prater or do you need some inspiration for acitivites?

On this page we have collected many questions all around the hotel and your stay. In case there is anything unsaid you are more than welcome to write us an email to [email protected]

Thank you! 

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In our all day breakfast Café BRENNER everything is about the egg in a glass - a classic in Vienna, which we give new life with different variations. At NENI am Prater we offer a well-balanced breakfast buffet, which you can enjoy Monday to Friday from 7 - 11 am and on weekends from 8 - 11 am. Children up to 9 years eat for free and for all others this culinary highlight costs 23€.

Check-in & check-out

We guarantee that your room is ready by 3 pm however, sometimes you get lucky and can move into your room beforehand. If not you are still lucky because, you are very welcome to store your luggage until your room is ready as well as after checking-out. By the way, you have until noon to leave your room.

  • Check-in 3pm
  • Check-out at noon

Open Spaces

There is our All-day-breakfast Café, right next to the lobby with stage, shop and comfortable seating. You are more than welcome to sit and unwind wherever there is space!. We also have the NENI. From here you can watch the roller coasters rushing by as well as the best views. Everyone is welcome here!

  • Café BRENNER
  • NENI am Prater

What if I want to change my booking?

No problem at all. We have a friendly cancellation policy and you can change or cancel up to 24 hours before check-in (depending on availability). Watch out in case of prepaid rates and group bookings, which have slightly different conditions. Check your booking confirmation, it's written on it.

How do I reach the Superbude Prater?

Please e-mail us at [email protected]. If you have a question regarding a reservation, contact us at [email protected]

Can I store my luggage?

Yes, sure! We do have lockers in the basement. Just come by the reception with your luggage, and we are happy to help out.

I fell in love with you. What now?

If you fall in love with us we will blush… and then we will love you back and smile!

If you want to come visit frequently, contact Klaas [email protected] and he will make you an irresistible offer.

Do you have WiFi?

Word up! It is 4 free, fast and easy to log into.

  • find "superspot"
  • accept terms & conditions

How can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

If you want to reschedule or cancel your stay at Superbude you can do it with your personal login. There you have the option of editing or cancelling your reservation.
If you don't have an account here please email us.

In case you have booked online via travel agencies such as you have to edit or cancel your booking at that certain platform.

How do I get there & where can I park?

There is a public parking garage underneath the hotel, you can park your car there for 25€ per day.

For your navigation system you only have to put in Perspektivstrasse 8 and the route will end right outside Superbude.

Booking conditions

Guarantee conditions:

Booking without credit card

Trust is a core element of Superbude. Therefore, login guests need no credit card for their booking. But please note to give us a call if your arrival is later than 6 pm. Otherwise, we reserve the right to resell the room.

Guaranteed booking

The credit card is just for guarantee. You can pay on site. Check-In is also possible after 6 pm.

Cancellation policy:


The room can be cancelled at no charge until noon one day prior to arrival. Afterwards we will charge 90% of the first night if we are not able to resell the room. In case of no show the claim of the following nights shall be waived.

Themed rooms

The room can be cancelled at no charge until noon seven days prior to arrival. Afterwards we will charge 90% of the first night if we are not able to resell the room. In case of no show the claim of the following nights shall be waived.

Do I have to bring linen, a hairdryer and towels?

No, we have everything you need…!

BTW the shampoo and shower gel is BIO and the towels heavenly soft.

Do you have breakfast?

We do have breakfast.

You can choose between a large breakfast buffet from 7-11 am at the NENI restaurant or a smaller version at our BRENNER Café inside the Kitchenclub. The BRENNER serves breakfast all day! But you should definitely reserve a table at NENI.

Why is sleeping at Superbude so great?

Because we made sure to only put it wonderful mattresses as well as Fairtrade sheets and linen. Besides the walls are so good that they absorb any noises from the room next door.

How far away is the conventionhall?

It is literally 2 mins away!

Banking information

IBAN AT 7720 1118 2971 1920 00 BIC GIBAATWWXXX

Do you have meeting rooms?

Oh yes! And they are gorgeous. Here you will find everything we can provide for your plans. You can easily contact us via [email protected].

I still have questions - what now?

You can google a lot and see what happens… but we suggest you contact us! Either one of our staff or email us, give us a call – feel free!

Check out our tips regarding hotspots of the city here!

For personal tips just come downstairs – you are welcome!

Where is Superbude located?

In the first row, directly next to the Prater in the Perspektivstraße 8, just around the corner from the Stuwerviertel, we welcome you to our Hotel, Hostel & Home Superbude. In the second district you can really live it up. Amidst interesting coffee houses, small bars and wicked pubs, the Superbude is always open for travellers, friends and neighbours.

What's there to eat or drink?

In our ground floor area, which is the heart of our hotel, we serve an all-day breakfast. Here, we have reinvented the Viennese breakfast classic Ei im Glas (“egg in a jar“) for you. Moreover, you can help yourself at our “fridges of trust“, just like at your best friend’s house. Have a drink now and pay later, whenever you like.

With NENI Restaurant & Bar on our rooftop we have found a great partner in which to open a restaurant shaped by vivid colours, exotic flavours and enticing smells . From the panoramic terrace, you can enjoy stunning views across the Prater, whilst enjoying eclectic Israeli cuisine and watching the rollercoasters swoosh by. It doesn’t matter if you are a hotel guest or a local – everybody is welcome here!

Do you also do concerts like they do in Hamburg? 

Of course, we do! To stay up to date you can either subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram or Facebook or you can check our CULTURE ZONE regularly. Here we will always show all our events - and much more!

Do you have air conditioning?


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we love you little companion.

Accommodation for dogs in the room costs €7 per night.

Can I book without a credit card?

Sure, if you register on our website you can make a guaranteed booking without a credit card. Additional goodies are also included when you register…

I am not 18 yet, can I still come visit Superbude?

Of course, you can. Just send us a signed consent form from your parents. Download the document here.

Is Superbude wheelchair accessible?

If you would like information on mobility in our homes, please email us.

We are happy to discuss your wishes and needs with you and try everything we can to ensure a great stay!

General information

  • we have 4 accessible rooms
  • the rooms are just like our Double Room Twin
  • the rooms are close to the elevator
  • all common areas at Superbude are wheelchair accessible

What are the receptions hours?

We are always here for you. Our reception is open 24/7!

What is this tourism tax thing?

The tourism fee is a small tax amount. Every hotel in Vienna has this tax, it is a fixed amount.

How can I edit my user profile?

You want to edit your profile? No problem, we will do that for you! Email us to [email protected] and let us know what you want to change.

If you want to break up we will be sad and might ask for the reason(s). If we can not convince you to stay, we will also take over the task and delete your profile.

Is there a bar at Superbude?

No, we have two! You can choose between the BRENNER or the NENI. Both serve lovely drinks and you can sit without ordering food.

Where can i park my bike?

In front of the house at our bike racks, right next to the entrance of BRENNER. If you do not want to leave your bike outside at night, we will find another solution.

Are there phones in the rooms?


Is Superbude a youth hostel?

Not really! We are Hotel, Hostel & Home at the same time. All the rooms have hotel comfort, the open Spaces are filled with hostel vibes and the home feeling is all around.

Where is the closest underground station?

Just 2 minutes away you find the U2 station Messe Wien.

Check out our Culture Zone for our favourite places in Vienna

What are you looking for?

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