Your very own chamber of wonders!

The Damenzimmzer is located on the 7th floor of the Superbude and has room for up to 8 people. The high ceilings and panoramic windows give you an extra load of light. Surrounded by carefully selected curiosities, the next creative idea comes naturally.

26 m²

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Wien Prater Kuriositaetenkabinett


Why can I only book the Damenzimmzer until 6pm?

In the evening, the Damenzimmzer is part of NENI. If you would like to end your evening together in the Cabinet of Curiosities, please contact directly.

Can I book a room?

No problem! Just specify the date and the number of rooms in the booking request!

Can I book the room for just one hour?

We assign our rooms for 2 hours or more. If that's too long for you, you can always nestle in the lobby and find a quiet place to work.

Is there room for more than 8 people in the Damenzimmzer?

If you are particularly fond of each other, we will be happy to add more chairs.

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