The studio is the largest suite in our house and consists of a working and a living area. For the most part, we host artists from all over the world. When the studio is free, you can retreat here and hold your own private workshop.

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The studio is equipped with a stock of FaberCastell utensils to help you capture your ideas and plans! In the kitchen, you can cook your own lunch or chill the spritzer for afterwards. After lunch, tiredness usually follows: the bed in the next room is ready for that! Afterwards, it's definitely easier to continue working with new energy!

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  • HOT DRINKS I 5 € per person

We’ll prepare more than enough coffee and tea before your meeting starts so that your energy boosters are always ready for action!


  • SOFTDRINKS I 10 € per person

We fill the room’s refrigerator with a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks like PONA and Pedacola. Most of our products are Austrian and organic.



We’ll cool the beer - for the necessary motivation in between or
after-work drinks all together.


  • LITER/LITER I 20 €

The combination of a liter of soda water and a liter of house wine is part
of Austrian culture. Mix your spritzer according to your taste! Cheers!


  • SNACK I 15 € per person

Your snack will be prepared at the BRENNER and ranges from sweet to savory for between meal snacks. Naturally we’ll take care of the necessary vitamin quota as well. You decide when this delicacy will be served, simply specify the time in your registration form.


  • LUNCH AT NENI I 25 € per person

Hard work needs the right food! NENI, our rooftop restaurant, offers an extravagant culinary experience along with the best view of the Prater and the city - this is how to live!

What is special about the Atelier


The studio is the heart of our artistic expression. It is the place where the artists who participate in our artist residency and with whom we dynamically develop and shape the house. If you know someone who would like to participate, please feel free to draw attention to our application platform!


Who hasn't experienced it: before the idea turns into reality, you have to sleep on it. How practical that the studio not only has a working area, but also a cosy bed for a little nap in between or even the whole night.


In the Superbude, a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed and everyone treats each other as equals. We want you to feel comfortable and support you in your project. We would be happy if you approached us directly and we got to know each other personally!

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