Right here, we regularly update all the information about a stay in one of our Superbude Hamburg hotels under Corona conditions. In addition, you can also read through the general Hamburg regulations and safety measures, so you know exactly what to pay attention to.

Best guests,

slowly but surely, all measures relating to Corona are being reduced, so that the specified regulations for arrivals from April 30th, 2022 are significantly milder. We are all happy that we can move a little more freely everywhere again, but we would still like to ask you all to continue to act carefully and responsibly! We continue to work very hard to make your stay as safe as possible! Please note the current regulations - WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!

From April 30th without 3G regulation in our Superbuden

From April 30, 2022, there will be no 3G control in our Superbuden, so you no longer have to provide proof.

Recommendation for wearing a mask in the booth

From April 30th, 2022, masks will no longer be compulsory in our Superbuden. In places where the distance regulations cannot be observed, we would like to ask you to continue to wear your masks. Beyond that, we still think it makes sense to wear masks in public spaces and would be happy if you would help us to continue to make the Superbuden a safe place.

Entry from countries classified as high incidence areas

People who have stayed in countries in the last two weeks that are classified as high incidence areas (on arrival day), are only allowed to travel if they can provide proof of a full vaccination or a recovery at check-in. Which countries are classified as high incidence areas can be seen on the RKI website.

Social distancing regulations

Although we would like to give all of you a big hug, we have to make sure to keep the required distance between us and will guide you through the hotel in our own charming way. Stay safe - keep your distance!


For €13 per person, you get a variety of juices, coffee and tea, a delicious buffet with muesli, fresh fruit and vegetables, rolls, a waffle station and homemade bread. Eggs, different sorts of cheese and cold cuts, sweets and our legendary and monthly dip. Vegans don't worry, we kept you in mind - Yummy!

Due to ongoing regulations, our Kitchenclub has only a limited number of seats available. We organized additional space to sit in our Lobby as well as the yard. At Superbude St. Georg you are also welcome to sit and enjoy your breakfast inside the private cinema.

Please make sure that you respect the following rules:

  • Disinfect your hands
  • Put your mask on
  • Keep distance

Enjoy the tasty food you have, stay safe and have a great start to your day! *SB

Intermediate cleaning

Not only do we take care of your privacy, mommy-earth is also very important to us! We have decided to go without intermediate cleaning so instead of cleaning your room every day, we do it every third day - extra thoroughly! If you need your place cleaned before, just give the reception desk a sign, and it's for free! We also have everything else you might need here.

Special cleaning measures

Key cards

All key cards are disinfected before they are given out to the guests. We have also thought of something nice for the handing over of the cards - just put them in the goldfish glass...


Our housekeeping staff is well informed and instructed to clean all rooms in a matter so that you can feel safe.

Public areas

All public areas are disinfected and cleaned regularly and thoroughly - as always just a hint better! 

Disinfection dispenser

Disinfectant dispensers will be available at all key locations in the hotel.

Guests in a questionable health condition

Even if we don't want to do something like that at all, we are obliged to expel persons with questionable health (feverish or with cough) from the hotel. We have such generous cancellation conditions that it is up to you to assess whether a hotel visit is possible - always think of your fellow people and #staysafe

Partition walls at the receptions

Just like at the bakery, in the supermarket and at the kiosk, we have also hung up partition walls at our reception.

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