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Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*,

for now, everything will have to be a little different at the hotels. We have taken great pleasure in designing it in a way so that you can enjoy your visit as usual. Keep your eyes open and stay alert - everything will be SUPER! The following hygiene measures and changes at the hotels will be implemented:

You can find all necessary information behind the buttons below.

Love, *SB

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In June we’re opening our new Superbude Altona Paradise in Hamburg and you can move right in!

“Welcome to paradise!” is the motto here, because in this pad the clocks tick differently. Drinking piña coladas while lying in hammocks, listening to soothing sounds, you’ll forget about the time. No problem! We’re taking over the former 25hourse No 1 hotel in the Paul-Dessau-Straße with 126 rooms, making this the third Superbude in Hamburg. Because the current situation is restricting touristic travel so dramatically and indefinitely that not even we know how lively our house will be, we’ve decided to furnish a whole section of the building with 20 rooms so nicely that you can move into our rooms. We really don’t like our rooms to be empty, which is why we’re offering this deal to you at the production cost of €700. Our biggest wish is for people to move in that enjoy togetherness and us!

At our place you won’t lack anything! Spacious rooms with high ceilings, giant windows, a big bathroom, and a separate toilet are just the beginning. Our community space is the place to have breakfast, wash, drink, and relax. Conveniently our hotel bar is next door and  delicious food from the restaurant isn’t far either, in case you don’t feel like cooking. The giant rooftop terrace and it’s extravagant view is one of this house’s highlights - summer can come!

Our rooms are equipped with the necessary basics: a large 180 x 210 cm bed, a desk and chair, lamps, a night table, a safe for your greatest treasure, and a wardrobe are waiting for you. There’s still more than enough room though, so don’t hesitate to bring your favourite furniture - We want you to feel at home here! The hallways have been equipped with bike racks you are welcome to use.

But that’s not all. Our public spaces, that are also used by our guests, are spectacular. Cozy seating options in the Kitchenclub by the fireplace? Sounds pretty nice, huh? Then why don’t you bring all your friends - everyone is welcome here!

Sounds good? Then apply for a Longstay room.

How? The same way you would for a shared flat: tell a little bit about yourself, when you could see yourself moving in, and how long you want to stay.

Where? Simply by Mail: We’ll respond quickly and of course you can come by to have a look at the place.

We’d be pleased if you moved in and became a part of our home, see you there!


To become our roommate, you just have to apply.

Price: €700 per month for your beautiful room, cleaning, and usage of the aforementioned common spaces. This includes additional costs and access to the bike room. Extra costs apply for: lunch, breakfast, drinks from the bar, special cleaning.


The Superbude’s location is perfect for living there, seeing as all your everyday needs are around the corner. Right next door are two supermarkets, a small hardware store, a pharmacy, a Sparkasse and numerous restaurants and cafés. There’s a small park to relax in and the Elbe and beautiful Ottensen is close by - both are worth one or more visits! You can reach Altona station by bus or bike in 10 minutes.


The center of the Longstay building section is a large community space that you can share with your roommates. Perfect for getting to know one another, having breakfast together, working, or sharing beer or coffee. Seating, refrigerators for your groceries, a large table for eating together, a Wash ’n Go station, and a dishwasher are available to you. If you want to cook, our kitchen is always available to you. To guarantee smooth sailing, we expect everyone to clean up after themselves, just like you would in a shared flat. Respect your neighbours!


Seeing as we are a hotel you can enjoy the luxury of having your room cleaned every two weeks. This includes fresh sheets and clean towels. If you’d like extra cleaning, we can accommodate this for a small fee. You’re also welcome to clean the place yourself, you’ll find the necessary utensils and materials in the community kitchen ready for your use. But please put everything back where you found it. Remember, you don’t live here alone.


The community space has a Wash ‘n Go station that you can use whenever. You can dry your laundry in your own bathroom or borrow an extra rack. You only need to bring your own detergent.


We’ve got it! We Promise! The whole Longstay building section is being equipped with its own WLAN-routing to guarantee highspeed connections. In case that’s not enough, we’re installing LAN-cable connections in each room. Of course this is all included in your rent.


Every morning from 7 to 12 we offer a all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with so many delicious things, that we don’t even want to get started on telling you about them - let yourself be surprised. Normally it costs €10,90per person, but just for you we offer it for €5. After all, you’ll be part of our crew!


A little bit about us: We’re a colorful cast of characters united by the love of being hosts. We’re collegial to each other and always have an open ear. We’re also always ready to help you and would be delighted if you became a part of us. Whether it’s an after-work beer or collective lunch, we’re always in the house.


There’s always something going on in our place! You might come home one day, walk through the lobby, and be surprised by a concert in the Kitchenclub. You’re welcome to join all our events and bring your friends. We also love collecting recommendations for our guests. This could culminate in a spot on a guest list (depending on whether concerts can happen again).


With a minimum of 27 m² you’ll have enough space to wind down and forget daily life. A carpet, plants, a desk, a giant bed, an open bathroom and separate toilet, a warming lamp, a hairdryer, fluffy towels, and the legendary Coconut Daily Soap guarantee paradise vibes in your room - how long do you want to stay?


You’re completely convinced? Then why don’t you apply here! How? Well, just like you would introduce yourself in a shared flat. Tell us a bit about yourself. Let us know when and how long you want to stay here. Just write us a Mail at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Then we’ll figure out an appointment for you to come and have a look at the place.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

*Love SB

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Can I bring my own furniture?

Of course! We want you to feel at home here, if you’re living here! Your room is equipped with a desk, a bed, a TV, and a wardrobe. This means there’s enough space for you to bring your favourite furniture.

Are overnight visitors allowed?

You’re welcome to have someone stay the night.In case you have more than one person visiting you, you all can book an additional room with our best conditions. We do have enough rooms.

Can I register Superbude as my residence?

Of course! You are living here!

What are you looking for?

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