WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

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WE ARE BACK! Superbude St Pauli and Superbude St. Georg are open again.

Dear Guests, Friends & Partners*, we are back and can´t wait to see you all again!

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Love, *SB

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...or Lauryn Hill, John Lennon, Britney and Bob Marley? With our new bike partner Swapfiets we have another highlight for you at Superbude St. Pauli! Escape the public transport and explore the city on two wheels. Either just for the morning or for the whole day - your choice! On this page you will also find the most beautiful routes around Hamburg as well as our favourite playlists for a break and of course answers to all your questions. Have fun!

the most beautiful bike tours

Ride to the most beautiful spots, through the old Elbe tunnel or just explore our neighborhood. Just start your tour and discover the city but don´t forget to take a look atthe most beautiful routes.

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Isn´t a bike tour much better with awesome music? Here you can find our favourite playlists and summer vibes for a break in between. Enjoy!

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By renting a bicycle you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. The bicycle always has to be double locked so that we do not have to charge you in case of theft (450 Euro).

2. I take care of my bike! In case of improper damage, we reserve the right to retain the deposit amount paid by you.

3. In case of loss of key we will charge you 15 Euro.

4. in case of an accident you have to pay for the damage privately or with your own liability insurance. The damage will be determined by Swapfiets and will be invoiced by us.


What happens if I lose the key?

If you lose your bike key please let us know. In this case we have to charge you 15 Euro.

My bike was stolen. What to do?

Let us know! Your bike has two locks, which you should lock when parking and leaving the bike. If you can show the 2 keys in case of theft, there will be no costs. If your bike has not been locked properly we reserve the right to retain your deposit of 250 Euros.

Who do I contact if I have a breakdown?

Swapfiets offers you a complete repair service. Call +49 307 001 4500 or Whats App at +49 307 001 4500 and you will be assisted in any case. If it's not far to Superbude, please return to our yard. Otherwise you can tell the service hotline your location, lock the bike and just leave it there for them to pick it up.

Can I spontaneously decide to rent the bike for more than half a day?

Sure! Either you hand it in right on time at 1pm and pay 6 Euros or you keep it all day and pay 10 Euros.

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