Are you curious about life and its surprises, trained in the hospitality/ tourism industry and are from the tough side of life? You are interested in friendships and acquaintances (in the team and with guests), you prefer flowing and flexibility to norms and customs? Yet, you are professional and quick-witted? If all this applies to you, Superbude probably is a perfect match for your career!


Nichts für Dich dabei, aber Du willst unbedingt ein Teil der Superbuden werden? Dann melde Dich doch einfach mit einer Initiativbewerbung, vielleicht ist es ja ein perfect match!

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The greatest gift we get in the hotel industry is the free time of those who check in as guests. No matter from which position you work, it must be your highest priority to make this free time of the guests to an unforgettable one and to contribute with your tasks to the fact that only good memories of Superbude are taken home.

We make sure that you always have everything you need to make this Spirit your own.

Here you can get an overview of the benefits you will receive as a crew member.

People & Planet

It is important to us to constantly improve ourselves in order contribute to our environment and people. Therefore, you too should contribute to this. We support you, if you tell us what and how!

  • Superbude sets itself new and important goals every year to be an environmentally conscious company!
  • Superbude regularly takes part in the day "Hamburg tidies up" and even encourages its guests to join in.
  • We only use green electricity
  • Read more on our Eco-Page.

Super cosmos

Our Cosmos is composed of not only our crew, but also our super friends! Thanks to the close cooperation with cool partners there are a lot of great deals for you. Whether it's discounted hotel accommodation in different cities, huge percentages at many shops or guest list seats to the best concerts in town - nobody goes away empty-handed and with a little luck your favourite band will be sitting next to you at the breakfast table the next morning.

  • Discounted hotel accommodation at partner hotels
  • Discounted shopping facilities in the neighbourhood
  • Access to an online shop with well-known suppliers such as Bose & Apple
  • Guest list for the coolest concerts in town
  • Goodies from partners & friends

Crew & Location

Superbude thrives from a combination of great characters, from you! Because it is the crew that gives the hotel a very special spirit. So you are part of the whole, no matter from which perspective you are involved in the design of our everyday life. Let your character evolve and design together with us!

  • Trainings & further education
  • Self-determined work
  • Participation in development projects
  • Magazines & technical literature
  • Staff parties (they really are very good!)
  • Special compensation

Special compensation

Not only overtime is paid at Superbude, you also get a subsidy for public transport. Leave your car and come by bus, train or bike.

In addition to a hot meal every day, you can also enjoy the breakfast buffet every morning.

  • Subsidy for public transport
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • One warm and healthy meal per day
  • Fruit for all
  • Water & juices for free
  • Overtime will be remunerated and compensated
  • Surcharges for Sun & Holidays
  • Gratification on your birthday and anniversary
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Occupational pension provision
  • Holiday & Christmas bonus according to scale   

Parents & Children

Superbude loves children and supports parents who work for us, with a cost subsidy of up to €190 for a day care centre or childminder

Modern hotel industry

This is really important to us! We reinvent ourselves daily, with everything that goes with it. Whether we can improve our system to optimize our online performance, create even more individual guest contact, always have the best tips and cool cooperation with people and companies in the neighbourhood at hand, meet visitors at eye level, or instead of star classification focus on character.

  • Be yourself
  • Get involved
  • Host at heart

Hosts at heart

Jörn - General Manager

Superbude - this is where I meet friends and colleagues with whom I like to work. I can laugh with my colleagues but also be sad sometimes. Create ideas and make plans, work on our shared visions and think about how we can put them into practice. We can live, lead and shape our Superbude as if we were our own guests. I am firmly convinced that this feeling is also transferred to the guests. This philosophy and the smile of the employees and guests drive me.

Jorn Hoppe Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg

Danilo - Property Manager

At Superbude we don’t roll out the red carpet when our guests arrive, but we welcome them with a warm and honest “Moin” – because that is what you say in Hamburg. Both, with our guests and with our colleagues we are honest, straightforward, human and respectful. Nobody needs to put on a mask here. Everyone should stay golden and true to themselves. The many characters in the house make Superbude a colourful and lovely place. Both for our neighbours, and for our guests.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg Team 41

Alice - Marketing & PR

“I like to be part of this team and enjoy going to work (!! For real !!). I love working with this specific team! Sometimes I leave Superbude and am super tired but then I at least know, that I have moved things – I like it! The most important for me is that I support the product to 100% which is essential as part of the marketing team.”

Superbude Alice Staff Min

Michael - General Manager

Finally, arrived at Superbude! In my career, I’ve seen and worked for quite some hotels and nothing compares to what I found here with Superbude. Simply being yourself in front of the team and even with guests, this is exactly what makes me so enthusiastic about this type of concept. Hope you guys enjoy our hotels as much as I do – see you soon during your next stay in Vienna!

Michi Am Prater

Fenja - Events & Adventure

For a long time, I have been looking for an employer with whom I can identify 100%. I have definitely found one with Superbude. Unbelievably great people, a concept that works based on trust and then even more spectacular areas and rooms where I can create and make really cool events happen. I have to say, I am absolutely happy here and can be myself. This is the feeling we want to convey to all our guests, except stupid Nazis, they get no room here. That is how I like it!

Superbude Hotel Hostel St Georg Kino Eventlocation Meeting Event Hamburg 9

Diana - E-Commerce

Right from the start, Superbude allows you to participate in many exciting projects and contribute your ideas. Every day is different and there is definitely no boredom here. Appreciation is the be-all and end-all for us. No matter what area you work in, all Superbude employees are a team and pull together. It's a lot of fun to work here because every day is like meeting friends.

Superbude Hotel St Georg Funfbettbude Zimmer 5

Kimi - Operations

Superbude means professionalism and coolness at once. 
In addition, the trust base is still really cool here. Both, from boss to co-worker and from co-workers to guest. Could perhaps change as we grow, but so far it is definitely working and good to have. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make life so great especially when working at the reception. When guests realize little DIY things and are happy about it or when they read about the tips we give for hot days in summer. Or they would like to thank you for making a telephone booking so uncomplicated & fast.

Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg Team 2

Kim – Rooms Division

Everyone is welcome!
Target groups is, the ones that leave Superbude with a smile on their face whether they are 18 or 80…!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg Team 4

Klaas - Sales, Marketing & Events

I was always curious to work in the tourism industry because the people we work for (our guests) trust us with their precious free time. To “sell” a product that is not only authentic and emotional but also worthy lets me work with a clear conscience. We know that our guests leave this place happy and satisfied. Working on this nice product together with a cool crew at Superbude makes me happy!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Hamburg Team 32

Xenia - Front Office

Working at Superbude is never boring because there is no day like another. Surely, some oft he tasks are regular but still, there are different people and different sitiations every day. It is so colourful with all the different guests and the place itself leaves room for creativity. When you arrive you might be a stranger but when you leave you will be a friend. I like that!

Superbude Team Xenia Hamburg


Finally… Superbude! After many years of working abroad, I finally returned to Vienna to create Superbude Prater together with my partners and friends. This time, we wanted to create the hotel of our dreams in one of the most vibrant places in Vienna. In case you always felt the need to sleep next to your four friends in one big bed, or spend the night in a birdhouse – stay with us. If you see me in the hotel, let’s have a chat about life and your stay. I’m curious, always!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Superbude,


Christian Lainer Superbude Wien Prater

Paula - Front Office

I don't like typical hotels and I never thought could feel comfortable behind a reception desk. But SUPERBUDE can hardly be compared to a normal hotel!

Everyone here is allowed to be who they are & that creates this special vibe of familiarity. Colleagues became friends & the Kitchenclub became my second living room!

Also, in every corner you discover a loving detail, I like that a lot!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Personal Paula

Flo - Reservierung

I started in the high-end sector of the industry and am more than happy, that I am finally at a company like Superbude.

To work with and for people who are like-minded and embrace personality and the idea of modern hotels is great. 

Sometimes we have way too much to do but when you can work with friends it's fun to perform together. 

Oh Superbude, you are wonderful!

Superbude Reservierung Flo

Elena - Reservierung

I love working at Superbude because I have contact with interesting people every day. Whether it's our company partners, the visitors or my colleagues - everyone is nice, and we maintain contact at eye level. This is special in the hospitality sector! The "not conforming to the norm" is what I enjoy and that enriches my job.

I also think our staff parties are great, because as a team you grow together even more. This is important and helps to get through stressful times without losing your mind. 

Superbude Special Peace

Danilo - Property Manager

Now I'm back for the second time and have returned to the Superbude St. Pauli. For me, working as the manager of the place means keeping the house and yard and the whole team together. As an old hand, I've known the place for a few days, and it's exciting to see how everything keeps changing and yet the spirit remains the same. Of course, I'm thrilled about that, especially when you always have such a motivated team around the hotel(s). Sometimes it happens that a beer after work turns into a fun evening... And yet we can work professionally and well as colleagues again the next morning. Just the right mix of colleague and concentration, hotel & hostel, SUPER & BUDE!

Superbude Hotel Hostel Lifestyle Hamburg Urlaub Reisen Ubernachtung 17

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