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Tips for Hamburg

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Altonaer Theater


Das Altonaer Theater ist ein privates Hamburger Theater, das Literatur auf die Bühne bringt, darunter unter anderem Klassiker, internationale Bestseller und junge deutsche Literatur. 

Between Osterbek- and Eilbek canal

Waterfront, just do it

Between “Osterbek“ and “Eilbeck“ one finds a large number of canals. Even though one would not expect such, there are plenty stand up paddling and canoe rentals so that your Hamburg trip becomes something special.

2,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
5,6 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Bistro Carmagnole

Restaurant, Bar

The little “Bistro Carmagnole“ just around the corner from Superbude St. Pauli and right in the middle of the „Schanzenvirtel“. The bistro provides french cuisine in a very lovely setting. Romantic and stylish and certainly delicious dishes.

200 m entfernt (St. Pauli)
5,4 km entfernt (St. Georg)

Café Gnosa

Café, Bar, Sweets

The “Cafe Gnosa“ is a coffee house which is established around the gay and lesbian scene in Hamburg, however, not excluding anyone else to dine, eat a cake or have a drink at the café. Really good breakfast is also served at Café Gnosa yet the cakes, well try for yourself! The café is located in the city center right in the middle of St. Georg, a vibrant and lively district.

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)


Sightseeing, Family

Chocolate makes you happy and there is a lot at the “Chocoversum”! With a discount card (from the reception), you can discover the chocolate paradise of our friends & certainly also try a bit ...

1,6 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,7 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Coffee roasting Speicherstadt

Sweets, Café, Family

Straight from the port into the roasting plant and on your table – just like it was a couple of decades ago. In the middle oft he UNESCO heritage site “Speicherstadt“ you find this coffee house with all its specialties.

2,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Dim Sum Haus

Restaurant, Take away

“Dim Sum“ is a Chinese restaurant right in the heart of the city center. The well-known and valued Cantonese specialties attract many guests and promises the best Chinese dishes one finds in town.

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,7 km entfernt (St. Pauli)



The Eldorado Bar in the heart of St. Pauli is not only offering events each nicht but has super prices, real good vibes and the flair one needs when heading fort he Reeperbahn. Grab a coin at the reception to get a special offer!

4,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
610 m entfernt (St. Pauli)

Entenwerder 1

Restaurant, Café, Sweets

Next to the Entenwerder park, not far away from the Elbbrücken you do not only find running people, dogs and picnics. At “Entenwerder 1“, floating on the Elbe river you find a hidden treasure. The cafe and pavilion for snacks, cakes and drinks. This however, is not all you get here at Entenwerder 1 – the setting, the colors, the flowers, the magic is what’s floating on here.

3,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
7,6 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Fish market

Restaurant, Clubs, only on selected day, Cornern, Bar, Sightseeing, Hamburg by locals, Waterfront

Fishmarket in Hamburg is like Bonnie and Clyde… they belong together! Fort he early risers or the late dancers, go and find Aale Dieter, buy a fruit basket for no reason or take home a chicken – whatever you feel like. One can also just enjoy a “Fischbrötchen“ or check out the auction halls.

4,8 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,7 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Flohschanze - flea market St. Pauli

only on selected day, Hamburg by locals

On Saturdays from 8 am until 4 pm one can go to “Flohschanze“. This flea market is not only popular amongst Hamburgers but also worth a visit. Food Trucks are always present.

4,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
799 m entfernt (St. Pauli)


Restaurant, Café, veggie, vegan

The family business “Fräenzi“ is specialized on vegetarian and vegan dishes. The organic restaurant has its well-known BÖRGER and everything is fresh and yummie! Snacks, dips and homemade sauces – that goes without saying. Also coffee, cake and waffles are served at Fräenzis.

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Frau Möller

Restaurant, Bar

“Frau Möller“ is awaiting you for good, plain food at a lovely bar right in the middle of St. Georg. But why is it called Frau Möller? Well, as the restaurant was about to open up, one last detail was missing – the name! The owner of the place called all employees in to help out and it did not take long until the decision was made: The owner’s dog became eponym of the restaurant.

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Graveyard Ohlsdorf - Hamburg´s unusual day trip idea

Hamburg by locals, Relax

The graveyard in Ohlsdorf is the fourth largest burial ground in the world, larger than the Central Park in NYC. The uniqueness oft he park like graveyard is due to the variety of plants and flowers, wild yet kempt.

8,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
9,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Hamburg Berg

Bar, Cornern, Clubs

The “Hamburger Berg“ is not a hill in Hamburg as it would be when translating but a byroad oft he notorious Reeperbahn. Stuffed with little bars and clubs this street serves every taste of music.

4,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,3 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Herr Max

Café, Sweets

“Herr Max“ [Mr. Max] is a confectionery that picks up street art and culture from the surrounding area into the cake creations – as the district contains a lot of it. The tasty cakes and coffee specialties are worth a visit. The atmosphere at Herr Max is friendly, open and perfect for the sweetness of the tarts.

4,8 km entfernt (St. Georg)
326 m entfernt (St. Pauli)


only on selected day, Hamburg by locals

On Tuesdays and Friday between 8.30 am and 2 pm the “Isemarkt“ takes place. The colorful market promotes a high number of market stalls with all sorts of things. From flowers, food and toys there is something for everyone. Between the subway stations “Hoheluftbrücke“ and “Eppendorfer Baum“ (U3) the market takes place.

5,0 km entfernt (St. Georg)
2,6 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Kampf der Künste

“Kampf der Künste“ [Battle of arts] are the local poetry slam heroes! A variety of events is presented by the slam culture whereby the Kampf der Künste team has managed to bring together the best of the best.

The address of the event is states as “Thalia Theater” however, the events take place at different locations. Check it out here Facebook or here Webseite of Kampf der Künste.

1,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,8 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Lange Reihe

Restaurant, Bar, open daily, Cornern, Café, Hamburg by locals, Take away, vegan, veggie, Sweets

The „Lange Reihe“ [Long row] in the middle of St. Georg, right next tot he city center and the Alster is a colorful shopping street. Here you find little shops, cafes, ice cream shops, restaurants, bistros – simply everything your heart is longing for.

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Line 62 - Hamburg´s public transport legend

Family, Sightseeing, Waterfront

Not by bike, not by train, not by car – no, by ferry! The ferry line 62 is worth a ride through the port.

2,2 km entfernt (St. Pauli)
4,0 km entfernt (St. Georg)


Clubs, Concerts

Since 1974 you find all sorts of live bands at the club “LOGO“ each and every night. This way, the club can surprise its guests every night again even though you might already know it or have heard about the club.

3,4 km entfernt (St. Georg)
2,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Longboard tours through Hamburg

just do it

Hamburg on wheels

At Superbude you can rent longboards to explore Hamburg on wheels. From the fish market tot he Hafencity or along the wholesale market towards Entenwerder are super paths.


Clubs, Concerts

Close by the central station of Hamburg you find the “Markthalle“ a venue that looks like an amphitheater. The venue is known for its rocky touch but also other kind of concerts are held here. Check out the concert plan.

1,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,9 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Mehr! theatre


The “Mehr Theater“ features concerts, musicals and other productions right at the wholesale market. The location is of medium size and the program rocks!

1,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
5,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Family, Sightseeing

You may find that Hamburg is super, but sometimes a bit too big. Don´t worry, we sometimes feel the same. Then we decide to make a therapy – an excursion to Hamburg Miniatur Wunderland. In contrast, everything is really very small there, to be exact 1:87. Miniatur Wunderland (Miwula HH) is the world´s largest model railway, and you can find it in "Speicherstadt".

At Hamburg Miniatur Wunderland even Hamburg is mini. But it has everything that Hamburg also has: The landing bridge, the Michel, Speicherstadt with the old warehouses, the Kohlbrandt-Bridge, Hagenbeck Zoo, and the miniatur wunderland itself in 1:900. And then there is the Imtech Arena. In case you're a SC St.Pauli-fan, you have to be brave: You and about 12.000 tini little wonderland inhabitants can watch the narrow defeat of St.Pauli against the big club HSV. But if you can't stand that, quickly move away from it. Currently Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg is presenting 7 more little wonderlands:

  • The Hartz Mountains
  • the ficticious town of Knuffingen
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • America
  • Scandinavia and
  • Knuffingen Airport

Italy is still in progress, and till 2020 France and England will follow.

Not only for railway freaks: at Miniatur Wunderland you may experience what may happen in many days and nights in various regions of the world just in a few hours: Whether it is gambling in Las Vegas, climbing in the Alps, or rowing in the Norwegian Fjords, everything is possible in wonderland.

Enjoy your stay in Hamburg  by visiting Miniatur Wunderland with its 200.000 inhabitants, be fascinated by 800 trains, 4.000 (partly) driving cars and ships, or the 300.000 lamps, a unique ocean of lights. Wunderland is the extraordinary spectacle for the whole family for your stay in Hamburg.

If you fancy a ticket you can either buy one immediately when booking online or you can get it at the reception desk while you are around. 

2,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

MS Dockville

Family, Concerts, Hamburg by locals

Credit: Harry Horstmann 

8,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
7,8 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Night market St. Pauli

Cornern, only on selected day, Hamburg by locals

Night market St. Pauli

Every Wednesday starting at 4 pm until 10 pm (April – September until 11 pm) the St. Pauli night market takes place. The market takes place at the “Spielbudenplatz“ right on the Reeperbahn.

4,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,5 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Planten un Blomen

Sightseeing, Family, Relax

Looking for a botanic miracle? Well, it is just around the corner, right in the middle of Hamburg. At “Planten un Blomen“, a huge garden with little lakes, paths and a playground is awaiting you.

3,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,9 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Reeperbahn - Hamburg´s famous party mile

Cornern, Clubs, Concerts

Reeperbahn, what is there to say about this street… nothing much! Go and find out for yourself! Welcome to the sinful red light district of Hamburg, with all the clubs, bars and shops in walking distance to one another.

3,7 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,5 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Schabi fish snack

Restaurant, Take away

Bei Schabi - direkt auf dem Schulterblatt in der Nähe der Superbude St. Pauli - gibt es frischen Fisch direkt auf die Hand. Genießt ausgewählte Hamburger Fisch-Spezialitäten auf einen Bummel durch die Schanze. Besser lässt sich ein Tag durch Hamburg nicht gestalten... 

Kleiner Laden, kleiner Geheimtipp - lasst es Euch schmecken.. 

5,0 km entfernt (St. Georg)
341 m entfernt (St. Pauli)


Café, Take away, Sweets, veggie

Young, wild & sweet: that is the “Schmidtchen” right on the “Schulterblatt”, one of Hamburg´s most popular streets. The house in which the Schmidtchen is placed is arty and cool named Haus 73. Daily changing lunch, really tasty cakes and the “Franzbrötchen” is what you get along drinks, coffee and bread straight out of the oven. Enjoy the Hamburg way!

5,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
323 m entfernt (St. Pauli)

Schmidt´s Tivoli

Theatre, Family

Best entertainment on the Reeperbahn Since 1988 the best entertainment on Germany's most famous mile, the Hamburg Reeperbahn: with about 400,000 visitors a year, the “Schmidt” - consisting of “Schmidt Theater”, “Schmidt's Tivoli” and “Schmidtchen” - is Germany's most successful private theater.

(Photo: Ingo Boelter)

4,1 km entfernt (St. Georg)
1,5 km entfernt (St. Pauli)


Hamburg by locals, Restaurant, open daily, Cornern, vegan, veggie, Sweets, Take away, Café, Bar

The “Schulterblatt“ is 800 m of Hamburg´s history and hipness at the same time. Where used to be the boarder to Denmark is now a scenic district of Hamburg. Bars, restaurants, shops, cafes with all sorts of foods and drinks fill the streets with people, creativity and life. Enjoy!

5,1 km entfernt (St. Georg)
264 m entfernt (St. Pauli)



Now it is official, the “Speicherstadt“ is UNESCO world heritage. Take a walk around the clinker houses and canals because even though it might sound strange, Hamburg has got more bridges than Venice! The houses used to be the storage for all imports and when you look at them from the canal perspective, you see the lifting blocks.

1,9 km entfernt (St. Georg)
3,5 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

St. Michaelis church

Sightseeing, Family

For anyone visiting Hamburg at anytime – the “Michel“ is an absolute must see and must do in the harbor city. The view from the 110m high platform is breathtaking and the church also worth a visit and sneak peak.

3,4 km entfernt (St. Georg)
2,1 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

St. Pauli Office x HHomies

Sightseeing, Hamburg by locals

Lost in St. Pauli?
Rely on us. We have tours. We have the overview.
We are not (only) Hamburg. We are St. Pauli.

We show Hamburg’s very own St. Pauli with all its contrasts and facets. Experience one of our tours guided in English – only on request. St. Pauli locals are providing you with history and stories at first hand: how the seamen vitalized famous Reeperbahn, the development and growth of amusement through the centuries, the history of the red light district, the influences on and by music – past, present and future of one of the most vivant quarters in the world.

Mondays to Sundays at 19 o'clock.

Duration: about 2 hours.

Costs: 20 EUR per person, reduced 16 EUR (for Hamburg CARD holders until 31.12.17, pupils, students and people with disabilities)

More information here.

4,3 km entfernt (St. Georg)
974 m entfernt (St. Pauli)



Ehrenamtlich geführter Livemusikclub, in dem die ganze Woche über Hip-Hop, Funk und Jazz gespielt werden.


Restaurant, Take away, Bar, Café, Sightseeing, Hamburg by locals

The “Strandperle“ is located directly at the beach at the Elbe river. One can enjoy drinks and snacks in a nice setting and watch the container ships enter and leave the port. Enjoy the walk on the beach and rest for a while at this hot spot.

8,0 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,5 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Tee Maass

open daily, Family, Sweets, Café

In the middle oft he city center the tea shop “Tee Maass“ can be found. There is no sort you can not find at the shop and the designs are northern German styles. Maybe you find a tea you have not heard of before or a good souvenir to take home.

2,2 km entfernt (St. Georg)
2,7 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

The Rabbithole


Beim Betreten des Rabbitholes fühlt man sich wie Alice - im Wunderland angekommen. Hier gibt es vor allem eins: Richtig gute Drinks mit hervorragendem Geschmack. Alles wird hier selbst gemacht, ganz gleich ob Grapefruitlikör oder Lavendel-Espuma. Selbst Wodka oder Rum werden hier quasi eigenhändig aromatisiert. Hinter der Theke steht eine Cold-Drip-Anlagen, klassisches Stilmerkmal einer gehobenen Bar: Da träufelt der Schnaps langsam über einen Filter und wird so schonend mit Aromen angereichert.

Wem das noch nicht heiß genug ist, der kann sich mit einem Zigarrenmenü beglücken lassen: eine Zigarre, bei der es zu jedem aufgerauchten Drittel einen Drink gibt. Erst Portwein, dann Madeira, dann Rum.

Kurz um: der perfekte Ort, um dem ganzen Trubel der Reeperbahn zu entfliehen. 

Upper port quartier

Hamburg by locals

Just a bridge away from Hamburg´s Hafencity one finds a real treasure. The “Oberhafenquartier“ is a place where creativity grows. The spot evolves to become one oft he most exciting parts oft he city. It is worth a visit and close by other hot spots.

1,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
4,0 km entfernt (St. Pauli)

Visiting Hamburg with your dog


Bring your friend, not any friend but the quadruped. There are parks where you and your friend can go for a walk or along the beach.

Wine shop St. Pauli

Restaurant, Bar, Cornern, veggie

The “Weinladen“ is a wine shop right in the center of St. Pauli and contains a variety of 200 wines, constantly changing and bringing in new sorts. The atmosphere at the wine shop is calm and cozy and perfect for wine lovers or those who want to learn about it.

4,5 km entfernt (St. Georg)
893 m entfernt (St. Pauli)