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Culture Zone Magazine Vienna



We turned one wagon of the Wiener Riesenrad into a Superbude.

Pretty crazy, huh? Find out about how the whole idea came together, who was involved and the thought behind this project!

2022 05 Superbudexriesenrad Byak 2
Copyright Akos Burg Second-hand furniture, branded kimonos, old Viennese books about the Prater, personal Ferris wheel postcards from another time, disco ball, DIY bed, the iconic movie "Der dritte Mann" on loop and the most magical view of Vienna - Welcome to the Room with a View (for real).

We've been in Vienna for a year now and those who know the Superbude know that our neighborhood is extremely close to our hearts. We quickly made friends with the Vienna Prater and the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and didn't hesitate for a second when they asked us if we wanted to do something with them for their 125th anniversary. So the idea of the floating super booth was born over a beer and a knuckle of pork at the Schweizer Haus! A few months later, this bizarre idea has become reality.

Bookable was this dream of a hotel room unfortunately never, for various reasons we have decided to treat this overnight stay as a unique and exclusive opportunity. As part of an international competition, we raffled not only the night in the Giant Ferris Wheel, but a whole trip to Vienna. 3 nights in Vienna, 2 of them in the Superbude, one in the Giant Ferris Wheel, plus a Gala Dinner in the Gourmet Wagon of the Giant Ferris Wheel and a delicious Balagan Menu at NENI am Prater with us on the roof of the Superbude. As if that wasn't enough, Austrian Airlines is also sponsoring the flights! Distance doesn't matter, from far and near, all routes are covered.

Superbude has always stood for good friendships and that's exactly what we wanted to celebrate with our project! Especially after the years of the pandemic, bringing together friends who live in different places and don't get to see each other that often, and inviting them to an unforgettable weekend in Vienna! Pretty great, isn't it?

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home Roomwithaview 19

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