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Vienna or Hamburg - Hamburg or Vienna?

Well, one thing is for certain, both cities are amazing and not only a lot to offer but also a lot in common!

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Viennna’s Danube island / Hamburgs Entenwerder

These two man made island (halves) provide an optimal view of the water.

Viennas Conchita Wurst / Hamburgs Olivia Jones

So queer, so good: Two embassadores for two colourful cities.

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Hamburg’s Alsterwasse / Vienna’s Gespritzter

Hamburg’s mixed drinks are a bit more bitter - but both can be enjoyed at noon.

Vienna’s Eitrige / Hamburg’s Labskaus

Two local specialities following the logic of “eyes shut and go for it”: No one quite knows the ingredients.

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Vienna’s Ring / Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

Best places for strolling: The centrally located world heritage sites are perfect for discovery by foot.

Hamburg’s Bismarck / Vienna’s Lueger

Our opinion: Monuments for racists should be abolished - in every city.

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Hamburg’s Ohlsdorf cemetery / Vienna’s central cemetery

Two of the largest and prettiest cemeteries in Europe - a walk here is like time travel.

Vienna’s Danube channel / Hamburg’s Hinterkiez

Small bars and clubs meet a lively art scene. Nice places to hang out, but be careful when sitting down in the dark.

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Vienna’s DC Towers / Hamburg's Elbtower

Higher and higher: As of 2014 Vienna has a new tallest building - in Hamburg they’re still working on it.

Hamburg’s 3 Superbudes / Vienna’s 1 Superbude

Ahem, clear throat, we’re also here: With the houses in Hamburg’s districts of St. Georg, St. Pauli, and Altona as well as the new Bude at Vienna’s Prater.

Quick Facts

city area (in km2)

Vienna: 414 in km2 Hamburg: 755 in km2

Population (on 2 legs) (people)

Vienna: 1,91 M Hamburg: 1,85 M

Population (4 legs) (dogs)

Vienna: 55,649 Hamburg: 79,705

About the authoress …

Sophia Keyn ist Art Direktorin und Illustratorin. Sie ist Berliner Schnauze und Wiener Charme. Manchmal auch umgekehrt. Sehr oft gleichzeitig. Man gönnt sich ja sonst nix.

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