Liebe Freunde,

dieser Blogpost ist ausnahmsweise auf englisch, da wir beim Instameet viele Besucher aus verschiedenen Ländern in der Bude hatten.

Dear Friends,

this Blog is usually written in german – but since we had a lot of foreign guests this weekend, the instameet blogpost will be written in english.

Home is where we step over the door mat. As a symbol for feeling at home, Superbude takes its own door mat to adorable locations in Hamburg and beyond. So we make this world our home, step by step over the door mat!

Last weekend, me, the doormat and my very hamburgish yellow raincoat joined the Worldwide InstaMeet in Hamburg. On Saturday, more than 200 Instagrammers, equipped with smartphones and cameras, came together to explore the city on 5 different routes. The InstaWalks guided us through the Underground, the harbour, the area around the famous quarter St. Pauli and to many other outstanding locations.

Wherever the crowd went, there was always nutritious food for the cameras. Many of us will remember the group picture in the „Speicherstadt“, a former duty free storage area. Or the people in St. Pauli, who had been dancing all night and still went on partying at noon, trying to make the day less cloudy. Or people climbing on bridges to capture and to be captured. Or we will remember this girl throwing her astonishingly long hair in the air, an action for which she chose a perfect background in the middle of the „Kiez“. I hope that those who joined the Kiez Walk will also remember the well-deserved break we took in the Superbude St. Pauli. Here, everyone could have waffles with jelly, Nutella, peanut butter and apple puree (everything at once, of course). To make every smartphone feel at home, we offered them a place in the sun on tiny beach chairs and provided charging equipment.

While walking through the city streets, I found many places to place my door mat, which gave me the feeling that this city tis a true home. There was this beautiful bridge crossing a Fleet in the „Speicherstadt“, the Marco Polo Terrace, the Park Fiction with its gorgeous view over the harbour, the different clubs and, of course, the doorsteps in front of our reception.

After an afternoon break, everyone gathered in the „8bar“ in St. Pauli, next to the famous restaurant „nil“. The day ended as a huge party, where everyone shared experiences, spring rolls, pictures, business cards, jokes, potato salad, stories, couscous and a lot of fun.

I am very thankful that me and my door mat could join and meet so many great people. It was a wonderful day, and I hope that our guests will join the next worldwide InstaMeet! If you’re not on Instagram, you have two choices for the next time: join Instagram and come with us on a great photowalk. Or don’t join Instagram and come with us on a great photowalk. The most important thing: come with us!


your Superbude and the door mat and the yellow raincoat. And Inga.

PS: By the way: this is our 100th blog post!

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InstaMeet on clingr: https://clingr.de/welovehh/wwim11hh

InstaMeet on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1545851539020755/

Nächste Woche werden wir Eure Ghostwriter für Euren Liebensbrief an Hamburg sein!

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