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Are you looking for a affordable and stylish hotel or hostel in Hamburg?! Located right next to Hamburg City Center / Harbour City or something right in the middle of Hamburgs culture & music scene in the suburbs of St.Pauli. Well then, you’re exactly right! Because the Hanseatic city is now twice as hospitable! Have a look at the pictures to find out whether Superbude Hamburg St. Georg or Superbude Hamburg St. Pauli is the most super Hotel for you. Or just have a look at our bulletin board to see what other Super guests recommend.

Superbude St.Georg & St.Pauli
Superbude St.Georg & St.Pauli


Superbude St.Georg
Superbude St.Georg

Superbude is a successful mix of a budgethotel and hostel and located in St.Georg. The Area right behind the main train station (8 min walking distance) borders upon City Süd, where lots of companys have there offices, such as in the „Berliner Bogen“. Therefore the whole concept refers to a target group, which is characterized as young business people who are looking for something „fresh“ after work, to familys or cityhoppers with a small budget and a big interest in travelling. Actually those people want to stay at a friends’ flat 😉 That´s what Superbude want´s to be..
Professional service in a casual atmosphere.  The rooms only contain a small
equipment but they do have high speed internet (Lan & WLAN) and Flatscreen-TV’s.

You‘re interested in anice get-together? The common rooms – Kitchenclub, the lovely designed cinema and the „gym“ with Nintendo Wii, table soccer and skateboard pairs are something different to other Hotels, if it comes to having a relaxing and funny time.

When live gives you lemons, make lemonade 😉 In cooperation with „Paloma Lemonade“ we have designed a fresh and exiting 6bed room with a loft bed and some goodies as smart TV, fridge, blockrocker for your music and lot´s more..


Superbude St.Pauli
Superbude St.Pauli

St. Pauli is housed in a beautiful old brick building in the middle of Hamburg´s happening heart. The Hotel offers a range of clean (and effortlessly funky) accommodation options, from doublerooms (as well for single use) for business Men over single beds for travellers on a solo mission to conquer the world to four and six-bed rooms. All rooms feature a bathroom and provide a hairdryer, towles, soap, TV´s and high speed wireless internet. Free of charge of course. Super comfortable, these rooms are the perfect place to take a night off from the rowdy streets of Hamburg.

One more detail is worth noting: the “Rockstar-Suite” with its 6 beds, ideal for a group of friends, also has a little stage for a rock band, PSIII ith games and videos, a boso surround system and a huge fridge with a optinal flatrate.

Buffet breakfast is served from 7am – 12am in the Kitchen Club. Everything is very simple, with an emphasis on quality products and the lifestyle of the traveller of the third millennium. As well as serving a delicious breakfast menu (the same as you´d find in St. Georg) the Kitchen Club also offers also plenty of entertainment options, such as big screen and digital projector. So it works as a community area as well where people often come together to chat or work or enjoying concerts and all sorts of entertainment.

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