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Culture Zone Zeitung Wien

Artist in Residence "Imaginary Patterns" - Amy Wetsch

Superbude Hotel Wien Prater Artists In Residence Amy Wetsch 2

Superbude’s hotel/hostel/home is bursting with personality and is one of a kind in so many ways. I was particularly inspired by their commitment to be eco-friendly and their implementation of sustainable design throughout the hotel. I wanted to reflect this by using recycled materials to create a hanging sculpture for their lobby. I connected with a local recycling center and a makerspace who allowed me to pick through their unwanted materials, and I found little treasures like wires, drain grates, rusted bike chain, wood trimmings, metals, plastics, and more. I took these materials and began experimenting and combining them with papers, clay, and pigments.

Superbude Hotel Wien Prater Artists In Residence Amy Wetsch 1
Superbude Hotel Wien Prater Artists In Residence Amy Wetsch 3

While exploring Vienna for the first time, I found myself moving very quickly around the city trying to observe and absorb all the aspects which make it such a special place. The way the 23 districts are laid out, it was easy to find myself moving around the city in a circular or spiral motion. I kept imagining myself as an orbiting satellite trying to capture the energy of the city that is teeming with life in the summertime. Fragments of the many things I experienced are fused into this sculpture, from swimming in the Danube River, living in the colorful second district, looking out my window and watching the rollercoasters of Prater Park, observing the nearby mountain range fade into different shades of blue as the day passed, running along train tracks… the list is never ending. I am so thankful to Superbude for giving me the opportunity to experience the freedom to play and truly have a creative eruption in their cozy Atelier studio. This experience will stay with me always!

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